Monday, October 13, 2008

The Redskins Are Just Fine

I 'll be the first to admit it, I looked at the Redskins schedule after the Cowboy's game and thought, 7-1. Well, it's just not that easy in the NFL. There are no "layups".
But I'm here to issue a plea to all Skins fans, keep yourselves grounded! The same fans that were on Internet message boards, and calling into Sportstalk radio saying we are going to Tampa, turned around and said the Skins suck. Last week Zorn was the second coming of Joe Gibbs and George Allen rolled into one. This week, fire him, he sucks. Listen guys, the NFL season is 4 long months of hard battle. There are many ups and downs, stay even, or as Zorn says "medium".
Tiger Woods misses a cut every now and then. Michael Jordan had nights where he only scored 12 points. Dirk Diggler couldn't get it up every time. The Skins had 4 fumbles, that is a fluke, shit happens. Here is what the Redskins are, a solid playoff team with the ability to win it all.
So relax Skins fans, sit back and enjoy the ride. We are going to lose again, and we are going to win games you didn't think we would win. Tony Romo missing 4 weeks doesn't mean we are going to the Superbowl. Playing the Browns and Lions the next 2 weeks doesn't guarantee 2 wins.
So, if you are a true fan like me, root with all you have, pray hard, wear your lucky gear, sit in your lucky chair. Don't criticize when we lose, don't drink the kool-aid when we win.
Because if you wait another 3 months, maybe, just maybe, we can laugh all about this in Tampa.

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porkboy46 said...

well sunday night i just wanted to throw up on myself just like the cowboys did, this is a note from the other side, the blue and silver side, i dont think i am over reacting but i dant think the cowboys can win with the coach who doesnt get respect, (every game is filled with penalties and sloppy play) and a mike martz wanna be red headed fuck calling the plays, he hates the run and wants to show on every play he is a genius, when you are in over time calm down and run the ball!!!! instead he gets the franchise banged up because he would rather pass and lose than run and win... what the f#**