Monday, October 13, 2008

Fantasy Recap...Studs or Duds

Week 6 was a great week for my fantasy teams, I went 3-0, and moved up to 3rd place in my rotisserie league. As promised, Steve took his beating. Lets take a look and see how my fantasy picks worked out.
The Redskins - I jinxed them. I am a very superstitious person. Never again will I predict a Redskin's fantasy numbers. That's all I have to say about that.

Favre - 186 yds, 1 TD, 2 INT DUD a letdown

Frerotte - 296 yds, 1 TD, STUD the TD was 86 yds and he is underrated

Mcnabb - 280 yds, 2 TD, STUD barely

Romo - 321 yds, 3 TD STUD giving Jessica the sneaky pinkie

R. Brown - 93 yds, TD STUD marginal, but he got in the end zone

Jacobs - 67 yds, TD DUD, I hate this guy

Peterson - 111 yds, 2 Fumbles DUD no td's, 2 lost fumbles

Pittman - 125 yds, STUD no TD's, but he should have been your 3rd back

Berrian - 131 yds, 86 yd TD STUD Huge!

Breaston - 102 yds, TD STUD Nice game, will be a factor when Boldin comes back

D. Jackson - 98 yds, DUD nice yardage, didn't find the end zone

S. Smith - 112 yds, STUD barely

Looks like 8 studs out of 12. I Meatloafed it.

Cheers and Hail!


Anonymous said...

first time in years i actually went out and got a new dallas jersey last week, well i have been in bed for a few days ever since the end of the game. i was worried about the "new jersey jinx".... did anything bad happen to the cowboys since that blocked punt?

Anonymous said...

usual week for the cowboys,...suspensions... pussy injuries....loudmouth owner pretending to be a G.M. , that garners no respect,... over-rated, soft, undisciplined, and lotts of hookers and coke!!!!, tank even went to a gun raffle!!!

Anonymous said...

cowboys suck!! romo sucks t.o. sucks! jones sucks the worst!!! i cant wait till the skins roll over them again on november 16th!

porkboy46 said...

let the record show that portis is as big a douche bag as owens, except no one takes him serious.... iwas going to put a comment on here last week about how you skins fans were going to get a taste of what its like to be a cowboy fan or a yankee fan or a lakers fan, looking at 3 gimmies, ( you see to cowboys fans all games seam to be gimmies, as troy aikman said" in this town there is no joy in victory just relief that you didnt lose").... well only one week and the presure to be on your toes every game was just too much for the ketchup and mustard.... now with expectations very high every loss is " the worst loss in franchise history"..... Romo will be back by the giants game so dont think this will effect our season.
also.... you say hail.., i say 5 RINGS !!!!