Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Look Back at Albert Haynesworth's Signing Via Redskins Bloggers

I thought it would be fun to go back and look at what we were saying about Haynesworth last March. For the most part, we all knew this would not end well. Here's some links to several blogs from last year.

Homer McFanboy

Brian Murphy had a warning for Skins fans and entitled the Haynesworth post public service announcement. He led off the post with the following:

From all of us at Homer McFanboy to all of you in Redskins Nation we have just one word of advice – please proceed with caution.

after weighing the positive and negatives about Haynesworth the player, HM added this:

So feel free to talk yourself into this latest free agent acquisition or even talk smack to rival fans if you see fit. As for us, we’ll be proceeding with nothing more than cautious optimism until we see just how it all comes together on the field.

Mister Irrelevant

Jamie Mottram had 2 posts covering the Haynesworth signing, neither putting him on record as for or against it. He covered it in his own unique way that blog readers have come to love...he was a charming smart-ass. Oh yeah, this shirt was also born.

From Getting to Know the New $100 Million Man:

Some of that may seem to indicate character flaws, until considering he’s a defense lineman, then you realize they’re actually personality traits.

From Well, That Didn't Take Long: Skins Spend $150 Million on Haynesworth and Hall:

This probably isn’t the right way of doing things, and they’re all gonna laugh at us, but it’s not our money, and these two make the team better, so whatever.

Hogs Haven

Ken and Kevin were also cautious and sarcastic in their coverage. From Ken's post entitled Free Agency in Redskins Nation: Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa All At Once!:

Don't ruin this for me with the price tag either. This was my present from the Redskins. Our present. Today I just don't care about long-term consequences. I am going to unwrap my present and play. Our defense is going to rock (theoretically). Our opponents will be hosting half of our defense behind their line on every play (hypothetically). DeAngelo Hall will capitalize on the additional pressure to the tune of double-digit interceptions (supposably).

I beg you, take a second to embrace the fact that two guys who are easily inked to start for us next year and represent upgrades at their positions are on the team. One of them even stomped on a Cowgirl's head! We will wake up from this drunken orgy of careless spending soon enough. Our Walk of Shame will start on Draft Day (probably), and last through the regular season (God, I hope I'm wrong).

Later, perhaps in a bit of foreshadowing...Kevin asked fans to go on record about the Haynesworth signing. From Albert Haynesworth: Time for Everyone to Go on the Record:

As free agency names come and go, in retrospect, decisions always seem so much clearer. The Jason Taylor deal as we all know now was a total bust, and Vinny is taking quite the lashing for it. Over the course of the season (hopefully years), it'll become clear whether the Haynesworth signing was a bust or brilliance.

The Cooley Zone

Tanner Cooley attended Haynesworth's press conference and scored an interview, from TC: Haynesworth Exclusive:

Whatever issues anyone may have about Albert Haynesworth not being a character guy need to be put to rest. I had the chance to meet the guy today after his press and he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy. In the press conference he discussed the issues of his past and I felt he did a great job of putting them to rest stating, "I'm starting a new chapter in my life after my incident and I'm looking forward to adding to it."


As for me? I was bitter that the Skins had signed 2 players for $150+ million, weeks after firing 30+ employees because the economy was slow. I did refer to Haynesworth as a "beast." From Great News… The Recession Is Over:

So while I’m excited as a fan about the product that I will see on the field next fall, I’m not comfortable with the ethics of the organization. 40 employees at an average of 50k per year = 2 million. The teams salary cap for players is $127 million, which by smoke and mirrors the Skins will exceed. Add another 15-20 million for the coaching staff and front office. $155 million committed to just 2 players! It just doesn’t add up.

40 employees lives crushed, their spouses and children deeply effected. Is it all worth it? I think not. There is no grey area here, it’s black and white, there is a right and a wrong. And…it’s just wrong. If the Danny has any integrity he would pick up the phone and personally call the individuals he laid off. He should offer them their jobs back and apologize. But we all know that would never happen.

He’s at Morton’s wining and dining the next player, ordering off the menu, and dangling million$$ in their faces.

Today, I think I speak for all of us when I say "F-off Fat Albert."

Cheers and Hail

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fire Trembley

It’s been more than a month since I asked the above question on Twitter; the answer is yes and it’s a damn good one. No, it’s not me…although I would love to take credit for this thing of beauty. It’s @FireTrembley on Twitter who has only 29 followers at this point but deserves a lot more.

The site invites users to post their “Tremblefacts.” Recent “users” include Dikembe Mutombo, Brady Anderson and the Warlord from Coming to America. Betty White even posted her 2 cents on Trembley…

Check out www.firetrembley.com it’s worth losing a half hour of your time and will the Orioles please just FIRE TREMBLEY!

Cheers and Hail

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Best Sports Themed Shows Of All-Time

I've read many articles about the greatest sports movies of all-time but I've never scene a list of the greatest sports shows, so here's my list. First of all the rules...no news type shows (Real Sports, Outside the Lines.) No reality shows (Pro's vs. Joes, American Gladiator.) And finally the show has to have a scripted and predominate sports theme...so just because Ray Ramano was a sports writer, that doesn't make Everybody Love Raymond a sports show. What or is your favorite? Which shows did I miss? Let me know in the comments.

Watch this video on VideoSurf or see more Scott Patterson Videos or Videos

Arli$$ is tied for longest running series of any of the top 10 shows, airing for 7 seasons and 80 episodes on HBO. Arli$$ featured many notable athletes in guest starring roles, normally several different athletes in each episode. Robert Wuhl played the title character Arli$$ Michaels who was a sports agent and the show revolved around his agency. Arliss was sort of hit or miss, it could be real good and it could occasionally be pretty bad…but it definitely hit more than it missed.

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When I was a kid growing up in the mid 80’s, Saturday mornings weren’t for cartoons, Saturday mornings meant WWF Wrestling and The Baseball Bunch. The Baseball Bunch was a syndicated series that aired for 3 seasons from 1982-85. Johnny Bench was the leader of the bunch with supporting roles from Tom Lasorda and the San Diego Chicken. It was so cheesy but it was so good…bad uniforms, bad hair, awesome mustaches and bad attempts at humor. Some of the best baseball players of the era would stop by to teach the Bunch about baseball including Lou Pinella who tore his rotator cuff while filming the show…he was batting against the San Diego Chicken. Pinella had previous run-ins with the Chicken and was not a fan, the injury ultimately ended Pinella's playing career.

Sports Night aired for 2 seasons and 45 episodes on ABC from 1998-2000. SportsCenter was at the height of it's fame and this show aimed to capitalize on that...but the show never found it's identity. Was it a comedy or was it a drama? The show varied from week to week and was canceled after season 2. The show had offers from cable stations including HBO, where it could have found it's legs and found a spot higher on this list...but creator Aaron Sorkin wanted to concentrate on another show he was working on, The West Wing. Basically started the televisions careers of Felicity Huffman and the like able Peter Krause.

Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows on television today and easily the best show on this list. Great story lines, great music, hot chicks and gifted actors. The football scenes are filmed to look realistic and you want to strap on your chin strap and play your heart out for Coach Taylor. Season 4 starts its NBC run this Friday and this season may be the best yet (the season has already aired on DirecTV.) You do not want to miss episode 5 and the amazing acting job by Zach Gilford. Did I mention this show featured Minka Kelly in 52 episodes...FNL wins!

The Bronx Is Burning Trailer

The Bronx is Burning aired 8 episodes on ESPN in 2007. I guess it was billed as a mini-series but 8 episodes is a season. The show recreated the 1977 season of the New York Yankees and the turmoil that surrounded the team, specifically the trio of George Steinbrenner, Billy Martin and Reggie Jackson. The Son of Sam was also terrorizing the city that summer and the show used that as a subplot. Great acting by John Turturro (always great)as Billy Martin and Daniel Sunjata/Oliver Platt as Jackson and Steinbrenner.

1st and Ten aired for 7 seasons and 80 episodes on HBO from 1984-91. It was one of HBO's first original series and featured OJ Simpson in a starring role. The show was a comedy in the "North Dallas Forty" vein. 1st and Ten was a football show on TV when such a thing just didn't exist and it was on cable so you could get some nudity and bad language in the mix...it deserves some props.

Eastbound and Down : Kenny Powers is a champion

Eastbound and Down has only aired 1 season and 6 episodes to date but...Kenny Powers is the F'in man! Season 2 is set to begin filming this month and will feature KP pitching in the Mexican League...oh yeah, this is going to be good! Produced by Will Ferrell and starring Danny Mcbride, the show definitely has talent. The hardest job in television...McBride's pitching coach, he does throw like a girl.

The White Shadow was a basketball themed show that aired for 3 seasons from 1978-81 on CBS. The plot was that a white retired NBA player takes over as head basketball coach in a predominately black and hispanic school and all the issues that surround that scenario.

Playmakers Fight #1 or see more The Fight Videos or Playmakers Videos

Playmakers was the first original drama series to come from ESPN and it had loads of potential...until the NFL shut it down. The NFL was none to happy with ESPN for airing all of the NFL's dirty laundry (steroids, substance/domestic abuse, etc.) NFL players called it accurate, ESPN called it quits after just 11 episodes.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Redskins Draft: Could've, Would've, Should've

Photo via Redskins Blog

Let me start out by saying that I’m happy with the Redskins 2010 draft. I’m not overly excited and I don’t think this years draft is in any danger of being confused with 1981’s haul…but it was a good solid 7. It will be a couple of seasons before we truly know how any of the players drafted will pan out in the NFL but it’s never too early to scrutinize the picks, that’s where I come in. It’s the could’ve had this player, should’ve drafted this guy and would’ve drafted him if I were running the draft post.

Rd 1 pick 4 Trent Williams OT
Could’ve had…any player not named Bradford, Suh or McCoy

This is the pick that will face the most scrutiny but they needed an O-lineman and they drafted one, props for that. Okung was on the board and these 2 players will be linked as pros.

Rd 2 pick 37 Donovan McNabb QB
Could’ve had…Sergio Kindle OLB

You don’t take a project like McNabb with the 5th pick…oh wait, that was an Eagles fan 11 years ago. So we didn’t really draft McNabb, but we traded this pick for him. I’d rather have McNabb than any other QB that was available in this year's draft, great pick. Kindle would be a great complement to Orakpo and the Skins need linebackers for the 3-4 defense that they are switching to. Instead, Kindle goes to the Ravens who know a thing or two about the linebackers and the 3-4 defense.

Rd 3 pick 68 Jeremy Jarmon DT
Could’ve had…Morgan Burnett S

Jarmon was a supplemental pick last season who produced 8 tackles in 11 games last season before tearing his ACL. Jarmon has potential and may see time at OLB and DE in 2010. Burnett is a “ball hawking safety w/ range to cover sideline to sideline.” I think the Skins need a player fitting that description.

Perry Riley

Rd 4 pick 103 Perry Riley LB
Could’ve had…Bruce Campbell OT

Riley has a legitimate chance to start and the Skins needed LB’s so I’m good with this pick. Campbell is a “workout warrior” who stock skyrocketed during the combine…why is it always Maryland players who rise so much during the combine? Vernon Davis, Heyward-Bey, Al Davis fell for it again. Campbell is a project, but he was originally thought to be a 1st round pick, so he was a great value pick here.

Rd 5 pick 135 Adam Carriker DT
Could’ve had…Perrish Cox CB

Another trade with the Redskins receiving Carriker, a former 1st round pick of the Rams just 3 years ago. Carriker missed all of last season and hasn’t played well when healthy. The Skins need help at CB and didn’t draft any, Cox would’ve been nice here.

Dennis Morris

Rd 6 pick 174 Dennis Morris TE
Could’ve had…Jonathan Dwyer RB

Morris will play FB/TE/HB for the Skins and appears to be a bad-ass blocker and special teams player, which may spell the end for Mike Sellers. However, Morris was not ranked in the top 50 TE’s entering the draft and may have been available with one of the 7th round picks. Dwyer was ranked as one of the best RB’s available but his stock dropped because of a positive test for weed (Randy Moss, Warren Sapp.) Dwyer would have been a steal here and a great addition to a crowded, but old, backfield.

Rd 7 pick 219 Terrance Austin WR
Could’ve had…George Selvie DE/OLB

Don’t know a lot about Morris but he’s supposed to excel in the return game and the Skins are certainly lacking in that area. Selvie was projected to be a top 15 pick had he came out after junior year, but the poor bastard returned to school, faced double and triple teams and watched Jason Pierre-Paul steal his thunder and his $$. You can’t tell me a guy drops from top 15 to nearly undrafted in 1 season, especially one who hasn’t suffered injury. He would have been a great pick as an OLB/DE hybrid in the 3-4.

Rd 7 pick 229 & 231 Eric Cook C, Selvish Capers OL
Could’ve had…WTF cares at this point?

However I hope Capers holds out so I can say, “that Selvish bastard needs to get in camp.” “Selvish bastard needs to stop thinking about himself.” Oh Selvish…the possibilities are endless.

Cheers and Hail

Friday, April 23, 2010

Redskins Draft: Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts from the draft:

I'm happy the Skins drafted Trent Williams, I preferred Okung but I'll take the most "athletic" tackle in the draft. An added bonus, he can chew gum and talk at the same time.

Tonight will be very boring unless the Redskins can get creative with trades and get themselves a 2nd or 3rd round pick. This draft is very deep and a lot of talented players will be available in the next 50 picks.

The Haynesworth trade possibilities are dwindling. The Titans say they're out and the Lions/Bucs both drafted DT's with the 2nd and 3rd overall picks. Albert is our best bargaining chip to get back in rounds 2 or 3. Of course, the Skins could trade a 1st rounder next year for someone they really like in round 2 this season.

I can't see how the Redskins can just release Jason Campbell for nothing. He was a 1st round pick and has played fairly well over the last 3 seasons. You have to get something for him, even if it's a late round pick next season. If not, pay him the $3 million to be your backup, McNabb always misses 2 or 3 games a year.

Roger Goodell must be sore today from all the chest bumping and bear hugs he received last night.

Did anybody see when the cameras cut to Tebow to get his reaction to the Steelers taking his college teammate, Maurkice Pouncey? I guess they were expecting the Tebow household to explode with excitement, instead they got zero reaction. Zero.

Did anybody see the exchanges between Jamie Dukes and Jim Mora Jr? They don't seem to like each other much. Highlights included Dukes saying that Mora was still getting paid $15 million to say good things about the Seahawks and that if you don't draft the right people you end up fired after 1 seasons and working in TV.

Big Ben heard his future chants for the upcoming season..."she said no, she said no." To which Big Ben responded "don't speak with your mouth full." Thats wrong, I know.

Finally, if the Redskins find a way to pick tonight here are some of the guys I like that remain available that will probably go in the 2nd or 3rd rounds:

Dexter McCluster RB/WR

Jonathan Dwyer RB

Charles Brown OT

Bruce Campbell OT

Sergio Kindle OLB (might be worth a #1 next year)

Brandon Spike ILB

Taylor Mays S

Chris Cook CB

Javier Arenas CB

Cheers and Hail

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Redskins Draft: Trading Albert May Be The Key

The key to the Redskins draft may not be the #4 overall pick in the draft, but what value they can receive in a trade for Albert Haynesworth. If the Redskins are willing to take the $32 million dollar hit to move Albert…and in an uncapped season I believe they are…he’s a valuable trade commodity.

Over the past 2 years several inferior D-tackles have been moved for draft picks. In 2009 Shaun Rogers was traded to the Browns for a 3rd round pick, he immediately signed a contract with $20 million in guarantees. In 2008 the Browns traded their 2nd round pick for Corey Williams, he immediately signed a contract worth $16 million in guarantees. Also in 2008, a declining Kris Jenkins was traded to the Jets for a 3rd & 5th round pick, he immediately signed a contract for $20 million guaranteed. If you go back further…who can forget the Redskins trading Sean Gilbert to the Panthers for two 1st round picks in 98, he signed immediately for $46 million.

Albert is a better player than all of those guys and he’s also only one year removed from being the biggest catch of the 2009 free agency period. Albert’s guaranteed only $9 million over the next 3 years…he’s a steal. The Bucs, Titans and Lions could all be players for Albert and he could/should command a minimum of a 2nd & 3rd rounder in return. If you were a NFL executive would you rather take an unknown talent like Suh or McCoy and guarantee those players $30-35 million or trade for Albert and pay only $9 million?

Adding additional picks in the 2nd or 3rd rounds could be the key for the Redskins, this draft is very deep and talent will be available. It’s clear that Albert no longer is a fit for the Redskins defense and he isn’t interested in becoming a team player moving forward. Pull the trigger, cut your losses.

I also look for Campbell to be moved during the draft. However, with QB positions being so muddled across the league, it may be for a 4th rounder next year, or with fingers crossed a 3rd rounder…Al Davis? Looking forward to the drama.

Cheers and Hail

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tiger's Phone

Last week the Outback Pro Am took place here in Florida. It's a stop on the Champions Tour...or the "old geezer" tour. The one exciting thing about this event is that is does feature celebrities that have included Bill Murray, Jerry Rice, Kevin Costner, Mark Wahlberg and Michael J. Fox, to name a few, How Michael J. Fox can play golf is a testament to him and his determination in his fight against Parkinson's.

Anyway, one of the professional contestants in the event was Tiger Woods good friend Mark O'Meara, who would finish 2nd in the tourney. Mark showed major improvement in his short game compared to his previous outing at the Masters. He dropped this little tidbit to the St Pete Times:

"I got a putting lesson from Tiger last week at Augusta," said O'Meara, who averaged 1.3 putts per green Friday. "He had his camera phone out there. He just told me to swing a little bit more off to the right and feel the toe release instead of coming over it. I agree with him. That's what I do."

Now, who cares about a 53 year old golfers putting...not me. However, I'm very intrigued to know that Tiger's got a camera phone. I mean, we've already read all the text messages that came from that phone (link contains strong Tiger language)...can the pictures be far behind? A pictures worth a thousand words. Stay tuned...

Cheers and Hail