Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Old Redskins Park Autographs Part 2

Back in the day Redskins Park used to offer 8x10 B&W's of the players for $2.00 (if I can remember correctly.) I'm not sure if this is still offered today and I'm not sure if B.J. still works there, but if she does...she'd be the one to tell you if they do. B.J. was/is the long time receptionist at Redskins Park and would be an awesome interview, Matt Terl? She's probably got more stories than the players, coaches and front office combined. Below are some of my B&W's.

Greatest KR in the history of the NFL. Look closely at this picture...there's so much to love. He's working the pinky ring, gold watch and a Redskins gold medallion necklace!

Darrell's got one of the greatest smiles I've ever seen, I think his smile could cover most of the WR's in the NFL today...not to mention that at age 50 he's still faster than most players in the NFL.

The mullet, the stache. If you never got to play the Donnie Warren game with Fatpickle and Porkboy...then you missed out, that game and Donnie will live forever!

Doug was always awesome with me...not sure what happened here?

In Gus we trust! Does Gus not look like he could be a cast member of Jersey Shore?

Back in the mid 90's I wanted to promote a fight, Ken Harvey vs. Greg Lloyd. As a matter of fact, I'd like to see that fight right now! Ken is one of the nicest guys on earth...and he could kill you with his bare hands.

Love KB, he rushed for over 4K yards in 3 seasons with USFL.

Yes, Ricky once wore #46. He also had 193 receiving yards in Super Bowl XXII...168 yards in the 2nd quarter alone. Awesome guy!

If you've ever been to the Ice House in Herndon, Va...then you've been to my Grandmother's old bar. It used to be Margaret's Inn and it was a place many Redskins visited in the late 70's to blow off steam and drink a few beers. Riggo knew my Nanny well.

Mark was on IR the year he signed this picture, with one of those mysterious injuries that would come up late in the preseason. Gibb's young QB's always came up with those phantom injuries back in the day. Give them a clipboard and make them wear an ugly sweater until they're ready to play. Anyway, he was healthy enough to sign this picture and toss the nerf football around with me.

Cheers and Hail

Friday, March 26, 2010

Old Redskins Park Autographs Pt. 1

You've heard stories of my days spent at the old Redskins Park collecting autographs and memories. I thought I would start posting some of the collectibles I acquired during that time. Here's a look at some of the football cards I had signed back in the 80's. Next week I'll post my 8x10 black & whites, which are my favorite items.

87 Topps Wilber Marshall. Wilber had a very unique way of signing; he's left-handed and signs his name upside down and from right to left. Wilber was a bad ass!

1984 Topps Dexter Manley. There are many reasons to love this card, the mohawk is definitely one of them and the fact that Dexter even signed it "Mr. D" for me. Alas, this card and a few other autographs I obtained that day were F'd up by a faulty marker. Son of a...

1983 Topps Dexter Manley. Dexter was always super-cool and never at a loss for words...he was also so full of energy. The back of this card says that Dexter served as a Deputy Sheriff in Virginia...really?

1986 Topps Jim Lachey. Don't remember a whole lot about the interactions with Jim other than he was quiet and polite. Thank you Bobby Beathard for the Jay Schroeder for Lachey swap.

1988 Topps Kelvin Bryant. Kelvin was one my favorite players during the 80's. He was a great all-around back and had a 13 catch 130 yard 2 TD day against the Giants in 86', it says so on the back of the card!

1984 Topps Joe Jacoby. Jake's always been good to me, I'm hoping he's the next Redskin in the Hall of Fame. All he did was block Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White and Too Tall Jones for a decade...and did it well.

1984 Topps Darrell Green. This is Darrell's rookie card and is probably the only one in the group that's worth much $$. Doesn't matter, I wouldn't sell any of these for any price...well I'd cut Bostic loose.

1979 Topps Doug Williams. This is also a rookie card and it's mint. Doug also signed his SI Super Bowl cover for me, "To Doug, From Doug." Unfortunately, it was with the same sucky marker Dexter used to sign "Mr. D." Son of a...

1987 Topps Charles Mann. Charles was always super nice and cool. The faulty marker makes another appearance. Son of a...

1988 Topps Earnest Byner. Earnest was the consummate professional as a player and didn't get the respect he deserved as a coach. Thanks Bobby Beathard for Mike Olpihant for Earnest Byner.

1982 Topps Dave Butz. Anyone remember the "Big Bad Butz" song made for Dave Butz? I need to find that, help me. I googled big bad butz and nothing but porn sites comes up. Per the back of Dave's card "he performs week-in and week-out, playing often with injuries, and continues to get the job done in fine fashion." I agree Topps, I agree.

1984 Topps Jeff Bostic. Jeff Bostic was not cool, he was not says so on the back of his card.

Cheers and Hail

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3/20-3/23 Happy Bday

Happy birthday Moses Malone. Moses played 2 seasons for the Bullets from 1986-88. The Petersburg, VA native came to the Bullets (along w/ Terry Catledge & Harvey Grant) from the 76er’s in exchange for Cliff Robinson and Jeff Ruland. Moses made the All-Star team both of seasons in D.C. and the Bullets made the playoffs both seasons. Moses averaged 22.2 PPG and 11.2 RPG as a Bullet. Moses retired after the 95’ season as a 13 time All-Star, 3 time MVP and one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history.

Happy birthday Chris Hoiles. Chris played 10 seasons with the Orioles from 1989-1998. Chris is a member of the Orioles Hall of Fame and widely regarded one of the Orioles greatest all-time catchers. Chris came to the Orioles in a trade with Detroit, in exchange for Fred Lynn. Chris would go on to appear in 894 games as an Oriole, batting .262 with 151 HR’s and 449 RBI’s. His best season came in 1993 when he batted .310-29-82. In retirement Chris managed the York Revolution of the Independent League and also runs a hunting “fantasy camp.” Happy 45th Mr. Hoiles.

Happy birthday Manny Alexander. Manny played parts of 4 seasons with the O’s from 1992-96. Manny at one time was appointed the heir apparent to Cal Ripken at shortstop; he ended up starting just 6 games at SS for the Orioles. Manny made 3 errors in those 6 starts, Cal made 3 the entire 1990 season. #6 appeared in 154 games as an Oriole, batting just .206. Manny was later linked to steroids…he must have had a horrible supplier; he hit 15 homeruns in 11 seasons. Most recently Manny played in Italy and the minors for the Phillies. Happy 39th (he’s probably 45) Mr. Alexander.

Happy birthday Brad Edwards. Brad played 4 seasons as hard-hitting safety for the Redskins from 1990-93. Brad appeared in all 64 games during his Redskins tenure. Brad collected 13 INT’s and 498 tackles as a Redskin. Brad had an incredible game in the 91’ Super Bowl, intercepting 2 passes and making several bone-crushing hits. In retirement Brad does some radio work and also serves as the AD for Newberry College. Happy 44th Mr. Edwards.

Happy birthday Joe Salave’a. Joe played 3 seasons for the Redskins from 2004-06. #95 was a defensive tackle and a fan favorite. The American Samoan had 2.5 sacks and 70 tackles during his Redskins tenure. After 9 years in the NFL Joe retired and is now an assistant coach at San Jose State. Happy 35th Mr. Salave’a.

Cheers and Hail

Monday, March 22, 2010

Six Degrees Of Fatpickled

How did Antoine Walker lose $110 million, gambling with Michael Jordan. (ESPN)

Frank, Sonny and Sam got together one last time...oh the memories. (D.C. Sports Bog)

Another reason to hate Peter King. (Redskins Blog)

The Redskins and Tebow had their date. (Redskins Insider)

In case you haven't read the Tiger Wood's sexts, their all right here and yes they contain vulgar language. (Deadspin)

A look back at former Cap Clint Malarchuk's scary injury, probably the worst injury I've ever scene in sports, more warnings...the video is very graphic. (JoeSportsFan)

Cheers and Hail

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gracias Por Todo, Greivis Vasquez

Greivis Vasquez played his last game in a Maryland Terrapins uniform today, a heartbreaking 85-83 loss to Michigan State in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament. If the final 2 minutes were the epitaph for his career, it would read like this.

2:00 minute mark MD trails 80-71

1:54 Greivis makes a 2pt jumper, he's fouled on the play. MD trails 80-73

1:53 Greivis makes FT to complete 3 pt play. MD trails 80-74

1:51 Greivis steals ball dishes to Mosley for layup. MD trails 80-76

1:27 Greivis makes a 3 pointer. MD trails 80-79

0:39 Greivis makes a 2pt jumper. MD leads 81-80

0:07 Greivis makes a 2pt jumper. MD leads 83-82

That's 10 points, a steal and an assist in the final 2 minutes. He was Reggie F'in Miller in Madison Square Garden! He took the team on his back and he carried them. And it was vintage Greivis, out of control...fall away jumpers in the lane, using the glass and in heavy

Greivis was both frustrating and fun as hell. He was like a crazy girlfriend that you know is certified, but you can't cut her loose cuz the sex is great. I can't tell you how many times I've watched him in a game and screamed NOOOOoooo Greiv what the YESSSSSSSSSS, as he took some stupid shot that he should have never taken, but he hit them more often than not. The debate will be thrown around in bars and on blogs for many years to come, where doe Greivis rank on the Terps all-time list of great players? For me, he's now #3, behind Juan and Bias. Thanks for the memories Greivis.

Cheers and Hail

Friday, March 19, 2010

3/15-3/18 Happy Bdays

Happy birthday Harold Baines. Harold played 7 seasons with the Orioles from 1993-2000. An Eastern Shore native, Harold hit .301 with 107HR’s and 378 RBI’s during his O’s tenure. His best season came in 99’ when he hit .322-24-81. Harold deserves to be in the HOF as he finished his career with 384 HR’s, 1,628 RBI’s and a career average of .289…I think it’s safe to say he also did it steroid-free. In retirement Harold got into coaching and is currently the 1B coach for the White Sox. Happy 51st Mr. Baines.

Happy birthday Todd Yoder. Todd has played the last 4 seasons for the Redskins and is currently a free agent. Todd is an excellent blocking TE who has appeared in 61 games, also filling in well at the H-back and fullback spots when called upon. Not known for his pass-catching, Todd has caught 6 TD’s for the Redskins. Todd has also turned into a fan favorite who has made funny videos over at the Cooley Zone. I hope to see Todd back next season. Happy 32nd Mr. Yoder.

Happy birthday John Hall. John played 4 seasons for the Redskins from 2003-2006, appearing in 40 games during his tenure. John was a pretty decent kicker who wore #10 and made 78.3% of his FG’s as a Redskin. John’s best season came in 03’ when he made 25 FG’s and scored 101 pts. John was released by the Redskins in 2006 and retired shortly after due to multiple leg injuries…not a good thing to have when you are a kicker. In retirement John opened up a restaurant in Florida. Happy 36th Mr. Hall.

Cheers and Hail

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

May I Have Your Autograph Mr. Clark?

I spent a lot of time as a kid at the old Redskins Park. It was quite different back then, the old park had virtually no security and was small in comparison to the current RP in Ashburn. I was able to parlay my time at Redskins Park into many memorable moments and adventures. I filmed part of a practice and filmed a semi-interview with Dexter Manley. I tossed a nerf football around with Rickey Sanders and Mark Rypein. I also helped a coke delivery man deliver cokes into the locker room, where I proceeded to watch highlights of the 87’ Super Bowl with Reggie Branch and Ravin Caldwell. Great times for a 13 yr old kid.

I was also able to obtain many autographs, autographs from virtually every great player from the 80’s. Gary Clark was recently called out by Larry Johnson for not giving an autograph to LJ when LJ was a little kid. LJ turned that experience into a positive one and now signs every autograph he’s asked for, until the last fan is finished. If that is true, then I admire him for doing so. Quite frankly, I can’t imagine how any reasonable fan would expect an athlete to sign for everyone, every time. I also can’t imagine how fans can ask an athlete to sign an autograph while the athlete is eating dinner, or engaged in something else that requires the athletes attention. Regardless, I want to tell you about my Gary Clark experience.

I was visiting Redskins Park in January of 1988, the last day before the Redskins headed off to San Diego to completely destroy the Broncos 42-10. I arrived early that day and was the only person in the lobby when Gary Clark walked right by me at a brisk pace, headed upstairs to where the admin offices were located. I quickly asked Gary if he would sign an autograph for me, he informed me that he was in a hurry and could not sign for me. Even at 13 years old, I remember this being a WTF moment? I’m the only person in this lobby and he’s not going to take 30 seconds to sign for me? He spent more time explaining why he couldn’t sign than it actually would have taken to sign. I was bummed.

A few hours later Redskins Park was a madhouse. Hundreds of fans had congregated at the park to see the Super Bowl Champions off. The lobby was now shoulder to shoulder and I was now a small fish in a big pond. Players were sneaking out the side and back to avoid the rush of fans. I was now sitting on the stairs leading up to the 2nd floor admin offices. I had managed to get a few autographs before the larger adults had squeezed me out of my prime location by the locker room door and forced me over to the stairs. My autograph collecting opportunities had taken a serious hit at this point.

As I was sitting on the stairs watching all the mayhem, I heard a psst, psst noise coming from the 2nd floor above my head. As I turned and looked up I was amazed to see Gary Clark waving me up the stairs. I collected my things and bounded up the stairs to meet Gary and who else should be sitting up on the 2nd floor…Sam Huff and Sonny Jurgensen, who was enjoying a large cigar. Gary happily signed for me and even promised to catch a TD for me in the Super Bowl (he did.) As an added bonus I was able to also secure the autographs of 2 Hall of Famers.

Maybe Gary felt bad about the encounter we had earlier and decided to sign for me, maybe he really was busy and couldn’t sign for me at the earlier time. It really doesn’t matter, he came thru for me big time and I’ll never forget it. On a separate and totally unrelated note, I ran into Gary at Camelot in DC in the late 90’s. He was sitting alone at a table with a bible. What does that have to do with anything? Nothing, it’s just unusual to see a man in a strip joint with a bible.

I thank Gary for that moment and all of the Redskins that I met during my childhood that were always super cool and gave me memories to last a lifetime. It’s really hard to form an opinion of someone in a single moment in time. Just because an athlete doesn’t want to, or can’t sign for everyone doesn’t mean they’re bad people. Gary Clark was cool to me…now if you want an example of a D-bag (and this is based on several meetings,) this is your guy.

Cheers and Hail

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Larry Johnson...Yes, No, Maybe?

I must say that when I wrote last week about the Redskins having a slow developing plan and how I couldn't wait to see how it played out, I never imagined the scenario of the Skins signing another 30+ running back. I mean, I'm still surprised we didn't get rid of the one we had! 30+ running backs are supposed to be over the hill, so why are we collecting them?

On paper, I don't like this signing at all... but the games are not played on paper, they are played by little men inside our TV's...thanks for that line Kenny Mayne. Something tells me in my gut that LJ may have something left in the tank and maybe that's what the Skins game plan is, gut decisions. Hey, 40 GUT was a zone blocking play, right?

Anyway, the signing of LJ is curious. Again, I didn't think a 30+ running back was an option, and if it is/was, I'm not sure LJ was the right choice. I've heard arguments made that although LJ is going to be 31, he still he hasn't had a ton of carries in his career. To that I would respond that he's had 3 straight years of declining productivity and he hasn't had a lot of carries because he's gotten himself in a lot of trouble over the years. I've also heard the argument that LJ didn't have a good offensive line with KC last season and when given the chance in Cincy he played well. To that I would respond that Jamaal Charles rushed for nearly 1,000 yards and 6 yards per carry in the 8 games after LJ left. LJ averaged 2.9 ypc and had only 377 yards in 7 games with the same line.

Of the 5 30ish RB's in the free agent market (Taylor, Parker, Tomlinson & Jones,) LJ has had the fewest yards per carry (3.8) and appeared in the fewest games over the past 3 seasons. In fact, LJ's statistics pale in comparison to these guys...especially Thomas Jones. Thomas Jones has averaged nearly 1,400 yards and 10 TD's over the last 3 seasons while showing no signs of slowing down. Why not Thomas Jones?

I'm not ready to call this signing a disaster, it may turn out well? LJ has tried to find common ground with Skins fans by announcing that he is a lifelong fan. Evidently he grew up rooting for the Redskins and hating the Cowboys. That's cool, but in the process of describing his Skins loyalty, he ran the bus over one of the most beloved Skins of all-time. Tomorrow, I will post my Gary Clark autograph story.

Cheers and Hail

3/11-3/14 Redskins Bdays

Happy birthday Mark Moseley. Mark played 13 seasons for the Redskins from 1974-86. Mark was a 2 time Pro Bowler and in 1982 became the only kicker in the history of the NFL to be named MVP. Mark lead the NFL in 1983 with 161 pts and remains the Skins all-time leading scorer with 1,206 pts. The last of the straight on kickers and one of the last players with the single bar helmets…Mark should be in the NFL HOF. In retirement Mark became the director of franchising for the 5 Guys restaurant chain, I’m assuming that has rewarded him well. Happy 62nd Mr. Moseley.

Happy birthday Alvin Walton. Alvin played 6 seasons at safety for the Redskins from 1986-91. #40 appeared in 77 games with the Redskins, winning 2 Super Bowls. Alvin had 12 interceptions and countless tackles (no records) during his Redskins tenure…I remember him tackling Joe Morris about 100 times alone. In retirement Alvin played some more in the CFL and won a Grey Cup. He’s one of my favorites…happy 46th Mr. Walton.

Happy birthday Dan Wilkinson. “Big Daddy” played 5 seasons at D-tackle for the Redskins from 1998-2002. #95 appeared in 76 games collecting 23 sacks and 138 tackled during his tenure. His best season came in 99’ when he had 8 sacks and rambled 88 yards with an INT return for a TD. Dan retired after the 2006 season, his 12th in the NFL. Happy 37th Mr. Wilkinson.

Happy birthday Shawn Springs. Shawn played 5 seasons for the Redskins
from 2004-08. #24 appeared in 64 games at cornerback, intercepting 12
balls while returning 2 for TD’s. Shawn also had 7 sacks and 251 tackles
during his tenure. The Virginia native spent last season with the Patriots.
Happy 35th Mr. Springs.

Happy birthday Fred Stokes. Fred played 4 seasons at defensive end for the
Redskins from 1989-1992. Fred never missed a game during his Redskins
tenure, appearing in all 64 regular season contests. Fred had 20.5 sacks, 127
tackles (at least) and 9 fumble recoveries as a Redskin. #60 has a Super
Bowl ring from the 91’ season. In retirement Fred works as a motivational
speaker. Happy 46th Mr. Stokes.

3/9-14 Bullets/Wizards Bdays

Happy birthday Wes Unseld. Wes played 13 seasons for the Bullets from 1968-1981. Wes is in the HOF and was both ROY and MVP during his rookie season of 68’. #41 was a 5 time all-star who averaged 10.8 PPG and 14.0 RPG during his career. Besides being a tenacious rebounded who dominated players much taller than him, Wes was also an excellent passer and is the Bullets/Wizards all-time leader with 3,822 assists (double Gilbert.) In retirement Wes filled many roles for the Bullets/Wizards including coach and GM and spent 30+ years with the organization. Happy 64th Mr. Unseld.

Happy birthday Darrell Walker. Darrell played 4 seasons for the Bullets from 1987-90. Darrell was a point guard who wore #5. Darrell came to the Bullets (along with Mark Alarie,) from Denver in a trade for Michael Adams and Jay Vincent. Darrell appeared in 283 games as a Bullet, averaging 8.3 PPG, 6.5 RPG and 6.0 APG. His best season came in 89-90, when he nearly averaged a triple double 9.5 PPG, 8.8 RPG & 8.0 APG. In retirement Darrel worked in the Bullets front office and was briefly the head coach in 2000, going 15-23 during his brief tenure. Darrell is currently an assistant coach for the Pistons. Happy 49th Mr. Walker.

Happy birthday Kwame Brown. Kwame played 4 seasons as forward and center for the Wizards from 2001-2005. Kwame was the first high school player selected #1 overall, evidently because he played well in 1 on 1 games vs. Michael Jordan. Kwame proved to be a bust, as he averaged only 7.7 PPG and 5.5 RPG in his 253 games as a Wizard. His best season was 2003 when he averaged 10.9 & 7.4. The Wizards were able to salvage something from the KB experiment; they traded him in 2005 for Caron Butler. Kwame is still hanging on in the NBA, currently averaging 3.2 PPG for the Pistons. Happy 28th (yes he’s only 28) Mr. Brown.

Happy birthday Caron Butler. Caron was recently traded to the Mavericks, interrupting his 5th season with the Wizards. Caron had a great career with the Wizards, making 2 all-star teams while averaging 19.0 PPG, 6.6 RPG & 3.5 APG. The NBA recently banned Caron from chewing on his straws during games, something he’s done for years. It’s yet to affect his game, he’s averaging 17 pts and the Mavericks have won all 12 games he’s appeared in. Happy 30th Mr. Butler.

Cheers and Hail

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Redskins: A Booty Call No More

Siskel & Ebert gave Booty Call 2 Thumbs up?

It was what every NFL agent and every NFL player anxiously awaited, the middle of the night phone call from Ashburn, VA you want to come over? The agent and player might put up a soft fight for a little bit, "I don't know it's late, you know I'm sorta seeing the Giants right now." But, they would be won over by the private plane rides and the wining, dining and ...the money!

But, all is quiet at Ashburn this year and Redskins fans don't quite know what to think. We, as fans, have been trained to expect the big name free agents to come to Redskins Park to not only visit, but to sign lucrative contracts that we can both praise and bitch about. This is the way things work, right? Not this year. Redskins One sits quietly at Dulles Airport and the pilots have had some unexpected time off. Agents are checking the batteries of their cell phones to make sure they are working properly, the free-agent tracker has nothing to track and Morton's business is way off compared to last year.

The booty calls have been reversed and now it's the agents calling and begging if their clients can come over. It's the Redskins saying "you can, but I'll tell you right now nothings going to happen." The Morton's steaks have been replaced with an intern placing an order at Chick Fil A. The private jet has been replaced by train and bus tickets. Terl's dropping Randle El off at Union Station, he can pick up Willie Parker at the same time.

Ok, I am embellishing the story a little bit. Of course the Redskins brass is still going to dine at Morton's or The Palm. But, by not making major changes so far in free agency, it proves that things have indeed majorly changed. It's a new day at Redskins far that has meant addition by subtraction. And so far, I'm happy with that. The only possible free agent I personally liked was Darren Sproles, who never made it to free agency (I think the Redskins may have made a move on him had he become available.) I can't shed any tears over the cuts the Redskins made, although I appreciate the time the players spent in burgundy and gold (except for Randle El.)

The Redskins still have major holes to fill and I expect they have a master plan on how to do that. It's obviously a slow developing plan and not an immediate results plan, which tells me that Dan Snyder is not calling these shots. Again, addition by subtraction. But, I did hear that Dan called Vinny the other night in the wee hours of the night, just for old time sake..."you wanna come over?"

Cheers and Hail

Editors Note: While writing this post I realized I am so old that when I was a college aged kid making booty calls there were no cell phones, internet, email, texting or Skype. I had to do the 1 ring and hang up phone call technique, hoping that some chick would hear it and call me back. The moral of the story? Women should rejoice that I never had such forms of mass communication in my heyday, I would have been a drunken pain in the ass.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cal Ripken Jr...Skipper?

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Radio Cal Ripken expressed an interest in returning to the game as a major league manager. Ripken was quoted as saying, "I'm starting to think about it a little more now. When my boy goes off to college, if there's a time to come back to the game, maybe that's the time."

I'll be honest, I've never pictured my favorite athlete of all-time managing, despite the fact that he was born and bred to do it. I picture Cal as the G.M. or the owner of a MLB team, not an actual field coach...I see his brother Billy as a manager. And when we talk about Cal having any position with a MLB team, whether it be manager, G.M. or has to be with the Orioles...right? I can't see Cal becoming the manager of the Marlins or the Nats.

This is a make or break year for Dave Trembley, regardless of Cal's words. Anything less than .500 will probably lead to Trembley's dismissal. Would Andy Macphail be confident enough to hire Cal to be the manager? Cal would certainly demand more power than any other manager...ever. And how much money would it take? A S-load. And every crab eating O's fan out there is going to clamouring for Cal to be the next manager, any other choice and the B&O Warehouse will be receiving bomb threats.

For the record Cal's son Ryan is only a sophomore in high school, so by Cal's words we're talking about 2 years from now. But, with Cal being on record as saying he would like to manage...let the countdown begin.

Cheers and Hail

Sunday, March 7, 2010

3/5-3/8 Happy Bdays

Happy birthday Erik Bedard. Erik played 5 seasons for the Orioles from 2002-2007. Erik won 40 games and had a 3.83 ERA during his O’s tenure. Erik’s best season came in 07’ when he led the league in K’s and hits allowed per 9 innings while going 13-5 with a 3.16 ERA. Erik was traded to the Mariners after the 07’ season for Adam Jones, George Sherill, Chris Tillman and 2 others…thank you Andy Macphail. Erik will try to regain his form for the Mariners in 2010, he’s won 11 games in seasons for them. Happy 31st Mr. Bedard.

Happy birthday Jeffrey Hammonds. Jeffrey played 6 seasons for the Orioles from 1993-98. #11 played all 3 OF positions during his O’s tenure, appearing in 410 games while batting .264. Jeffrey’s best season came in 97’ when he clubbed 21HR’s and stole 15 bases. A 1st round draft pick, Jeffrey was traded to the Reds in 98’ for Willie Greene. Happy 39th Mr. Hammonds.

Happy birthday Brett Conway. Brett played parts of 5 seasons for the Redskins from 1998-2002. Brett appeared in 41 games during his Skins tenure making 75.4% of his FG attempts. His best season came in 99’ when he made 22 FG’s and 49 XP’s for 115 pts. In retirement Brett owns a fitness/dance studio in Chicago and also works in real estate. Happy 35th Mr. Conway.

Happy birthday Anthony Montgomery. Anthony recently completed his 4th season as a defensive tackle for the Redskins. #94 has appeared in 38 games collecting 78 tackles and 3 sacks. A restricted free agent, the Skins recently tendered Anthony with a 5th round $1.01 million offer for 2010. Happy 26th Mr. Montgomery.

Cheers and Hail