Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fantasy Recap Week 8...Studs or Duds


Week 8 was a pretty good week in fantasy. My teams went 2-1, and I moved up in my rotisserie league. Let's take a quick look to see who were Studs and who were Duds.

Brees - 329yds, 3TD STUD He got the 3 TD's plus 300+ yds

Delhomme - 248yds, 2TD STUD Not 6 TD's but it works

Mcnabb - 278yds, 1TD DUD Now I'm really pissed. I pick summers eve, then he lays an egg

O'Sullivan - DUD Wow, I was drinking the kool-aid on this guy, he's not even a starter anymore

Gore - 159yds, STUD a TD would have been nice but he still had a solid day

Mcgahee - 57yds, 1TD DUD I don't see him being a #1 or even #2 fantasy starter this year

T. Jones - 60yds, 1TD DUD Washington stole some carries and made the most of them

Tomlison - 170yds, 1TD STUD just as I predicted

Avery - 163yds, 1TD STUD If you did not take my advice to pick him up, he's gone now

A. Johnson - 11rec, 143yds STUD this guy is racking up the catches and yards, he may set some records this year if he stays healthy

S. Smith - 117yds, 2TD STUD he made a lot of this happen on his own

R. White - 113yds, 2TD STUD he's becoming an elite receiver

Studs for the week 8/12. YTD 26/36 72%

Cheers and Hail


Anonymous said...

i look at alot of sports blogs,... and this one is great!! keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

you seem like a pretty funny cool guy, you probably have a real hot wife and a real cool kid!..... is it hard to walk with that horse shoe stuck up your ass?.... well that luck will run out soon as your fantasy team will get thumped like a nark at a biker rally!!!