Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fantasy Thoughts For Week 7

Cassel - This game will be a shootout and the Bronco's struggle against the pass.
Edwards - He's coming off a bye last week, should be recovered from the concussion, I see a big day.
P. Manning - Last week the Colts Offense looked like the Colts of old, I think they keep it rolling this week.
Schaub - The Ben Affleck look-alike will have another huge week vs. the hapless Lions.
Barber - No Romo, and no Felix Jones to steal carries. They will ride him all day.
C. Johnson (Ten) - He's already on everyone's radar, but today is is official coming out party. I mean like Jay Z style.
Slaton - I will continue to pick every skilled-position player who is facing the Lions. Forever.
D. Williams (Car) - This is a reach, as he is in a platoon with Stewart. I think it will be his week to shine. Not a huge day expected, but solid #3 RB #'s.
A. Johnson - Schaub's big day + Lions D = BIG DAY!
R. Moss - Cassel's big day + Denver D = BIG DAY!
Ward - He seems to have a couple games each year when he scores multiple times, what a better matchup than Cincy?
Wayne - Manning's big day = Waynes BIG DAY!
Bonus Pick
Buc's D/ST - Going up against a Seneca Wallace led Seattle offense. Kiffin practices against this Offense every day. The Bucs might score twice on D.
Enjoy the games!
Cheers and Hail

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oh my god, why would you put those two dorks on your blog?? don't you want people to flock to it and NOT run away??

miss ya :)