Thursday, December 18, 2008

Slinging Sammy R.I.P.

Well I've probably seen 1,000 articles about Sammy Baugh's death today, here is 1,001. Rather than write another article about his death, I'm just going to list some of accomplishments and interesting facts.

Played 16 seasons for the Skins, taking them to 5 Championships and 2 Titles.

Even though he has not played in 57 seasons, he was recently voted as the greatest Redskin's QB in history!

187 Passing TD's still a Redskins record.

Charter member of the NFL Hall of Fame, and fittingly the last living member from the inaugral year.

Didn't just go both ways, he played all 3 ways and led the League in Passing, Punting, and Interceptions in 1943.

Refused to leave practice until he completed 100 straight passes!

Liked to spit tobacco and cuss.

Played his entire career without a facemask!

His #33 is the only jersey retired by the Redskins.

Warren Buffett wrote him a letter telling him what an inspiration he was!

Once threw 4 TD's and intercepted 4 passes in the same game!

Spent $200 on a 7,600 acre farm (now 20,000 acres.)

Voted by the NFL Network as the Most Versatile Player in NFL history.
Cheers and Hail

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