Monday, December 15, 2008

Six Degrees Of Fatpickled

If anyone wonders what I look like on a Sunday, here is a spot on imitation.

Zorn finally got something right this weekend.

Dallas, how about DC? (wouldn't have to change offensive systems again, probably not with his connections to Zorn)

Would this guy like to do some grocery shopping in Ashburn?

T.O. as cousin Eddie, Wade Phillips as Aunt Bethany?

It's like dating a stripper, fun while it lasts but you know it's going to end badly.


LizKauai said...

The most awesome video so far today!!

hatemattryan said...

how does this atlanta team keep fucking winning, are you f-ing kidding me!!!!!!!!!

porkboy46 said...

does McRib ever throw a pass over 7 yards? Fletcher,..... beat the eagles and i will buy your ticket to the pro-bowl, did you notice that on this current losing trend teams have closed out the game by clock killing drives of running the ball down your throat?

bombsquad said...

fantasy allways has a way of making the day that much worse, i want to go back to regular gambling where i have to pick one of the teams on monday night just to avoid a public beating by tony and vinny on tuesday!!!!!