Sunday, January 4, 2009

Six Degrees Of Fatpickled + Playoff Picks

Here are some of the stories that I have found interesting over the past week or so. My Playoff picks for today will follow after the 6 links.

An ex-Redskin wrote an article about how some NFL players don't want to make the playoffs.

Here's a link to the glory days, with lots of info about the Redskin's 25th Anniversary of Super Bowl XVII.

And finally, its the "countdown" time of year, here's one from Shutdown Corner, and one that I wrote.

Now, my picks for today. I must confess that this has been my worst season by far, for picking NFL games. I was 0-2 yesterday, so I need to get these 2 right, just to get to .500.

Baltimore 20 Miami 17

Defense wins Championships. The Ravens aren't going to win the Super Bowl, but they win here.

Eagles 27 Vikings 13

Tarvaris Jackson has played well since returning from injury. I expect Jim Johnson to blitz him early and often, and Jackson to play poorly today.


rfk4ever said...

fat pickle is my home boy !!!!! great job on the cooley blog !

keystonekid said...

funniest thing ever said about fat pickle " hey doug the police just called, they have recovered a tape of you having sex 5 times,...... it has a total running time of 11 minutes!!!!!!"

porkboy said...

well i have started to come out of my dallas nose dive funk,.... fat pickle you are the man ( i should have known that looking at your wife ) congrats on the cooley post and the maxim link!!!!! and i cant wait to order a fatpickle t-shirt, make mine an XL, show off my guns,( and big tits and spare tire ) im on a diet so i will have to start drinking tea like everyone says, do they make a sausage tea ? for lunch i had a carrot wrapped in bacon ?