Monday, September 21, 2009

2 Boo Or Not 2 Boo...That Is The ?

Things got a little ugly in the Redskins game Sunday…and I’m not referring to the play on the field. The Redskins were booed off the field at halftime, and to my amazement booed off the field at the end of the game. The internet message boards, blogs and Twitter pages are on fire with everyone’s two cents on the issue…it’s like that old saying “opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one…and they all stink.” So here’s my stinky ass opinion.

First off, do you have the right as a fan to boo the Redskins at FedEx? Your damn straight you do. It’s your right as an American. And I don’t care if you’re in the 500 level and you work at McDonalds, or you have club seats and you make 6 figures. You paid for your ticket, if you want to boo the team go right ahead and do it.

Do I think it’s right to boo the Redskins at FedEx…hell no! I think you’re a complete ass to do so. If you’re a fan then you should be there to support your team, not to drag them down. I think it’s a disgrace that our fans did that to the Skins…they won the freakin game (I know it was an ugly and painful win.) Does anyone remember that the Ravens won a Super Bowl not too long ago winning ugly every week? A win is a win. The Redskins already have an opponent on the field, they don’t need another in the stands.

It’s my personal opinion that the Redskin’s fan support has been in a steady decline for years now. Who’s to blame? I’m not sure, but I don’t want to hear it’s the owner or ticket brokers, that’s a crock of shit. We have empty seats at FedEx and fans are routinely late to their seats at the start of the games and after halftime. We let fans from New York, Philly and Pittsburgh take over our house! We are now (allegedly) throwing and spitting on our players…are you f’ing kidding me? If you are that disgruntled and have season tickets sell them to a true fan.

I know frustration plays a part in this and I’m as frustrated as anybody. The play calling is suspect and we haven’t beaten anyone handily since I can remember. But, the players are playing hard and I see good things happening on the field…like the Skins winning! I would ask you this question, would you want someone coming into your office tomorrow and constantly telling you how much you suck at your job? Do you want Haynesworth hovering over your desk and giving you a ration of shit because you were late delivering a report? No…we have bosses to do that, and so do the players, they have coaches. And the coaches have someone that tells them they aren’t doing their job; it’s the GM and the owner.

So if your sitting in FedEx field in 2 weeks when the Redskins are playing the Bucs and you feel compelled to boo, just look down at the shirt your wearing. It’s probably burgundy and gold and has a number 47, 28, 81, 21 or 92 on it. You bought it because you’re a fan! I close each and every blog I write with the words “Cheers and Hail.” Redskins fans…spread the word.

Cheers and Hail


Anonymous said...

I was at the game on Sunday and I booed. I was mad. I was mad at Snyder for ruining a once proud franchise. It is not a crock of shit to boo the team b/c of the owner. Dan Snyder sits in the owners box and he should hear the displeasure of his fans. Snyder is suing fans that lost their jobs and can't afford their contracts. Then he resells their tickets and double dips on the profits (read it at WaPo). He doesn't allow kids to even bring water into the stadium and then charges 5-6 bucks for a bottled water (I brought a 10 year old that had to throw out his water at the gate). He allows his ticket agents to sell seasons tickets to StubHub agents (he gets a percent of the sales profits) so that opposing fans can scoop them up and sit in our stands and he gets paid twice. He hired a defensive coordinator before a head coach, then had to promote the only guy that would take the job in Zorn. Spagnuolo sat for an interview with the Skins a year ago and said thanks but no thanks. What guy in their right mind would become the head coach of a football team that had already hired half the coaching staff? Of course they had to hire Zorn cause no one else was going to join the team and not be able to bring in their own guys. Don't even get me started on the number of Johnny Rockets in the stadium, or the absurd price for parking a mile away. The guys in the pads deserve our respect and support. Spitting on a Redskin player is unacceptable and should be dealt with immediately by the business end of a rusty prison shank. But I don't blame the fans, like me, that were booing the fact that talented players like our Skins have to put up with inept play calling, and the management that put it there.

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple "NO" I was also at the game on Sunday and I did not boo, however everyone around us did. Fans don't boo their team if they are a real fan. It seems like everyone just likes to complain. Ticket prices, cost of food etc. is outragous but have you been to other stadiums. I've only been to two outside of MD and they were pretty much the same. I choose to go, I choose to spend $10 on a hotdog & fries instead of eating b4 going. I choose to buy a water for my kids instead of using the water fountain. I choose to car pool with other fans instead of paying for the cost of parking. (I don't know how many cars I saw with one person in them)I choose to get there early & stay for the entire game. I choose to support my team. The choose to support all the players who are out there giving thier best. They don't want to be known as the worst team/player. I choose not to boo my team!