Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Fatpickled

One year ago today I sat down and started a little project…I had no idea what I was getting into! A Redskin’s win over Dallas inspired me to sit down and create a blog. Despite the fact that I’m not the most computer savvy guy in the world, I somehow navigated my way to blogger where budlightthoughts.blogspot was born. A week or so later I changed the name of the site to Fatpickled, a play on a username that I’ve used for many years. My first header is pictured above, it was kinda cool…it changed to my current header shortly before http://www.fatpickled.com/ was launched in January.

It’s gone a lot further than I could have ever imagined, to date I’ve had nearly 200K hits for the year (minus my 100k, that’s still a solid #.) In the next few days I plan on posting a Top Ten collection of my favorite and most visited posts, but today I’d like to thank a few people that have helped support the site in the past year.

I’ve been very fortunate to have some VIP’s in the sports and blogging world help me along the way:

Tanner and Chris Cooley have been so awesome and instrumental to this site. I’m convinced the site wouldn’t exist without The Cooley Zone. When my comments on their site started turning into blog posts I knew it was time to start my own. My site wouldn’t be called Fatpickled either…had certain Cooley family members not thought my comments and handle were funny. Tanner has been a huge supporter since day 1 and I consider him a friend. Chris has granted me interviews, posted comments and worn a Fatpickled tee shirt to show his support. Additionally I’m also honored they allow me to be a contributor to the Cooley Zone, thanks for everything Cooley bros!

I respect Matt Terl as much as any blogger in the business…he also happens to have the coolest job as the official blogger of the Redskins. Matt linked Fatpickled to the Redskins site early on and has supported the site with links and tweets ever since. He works extremely hard and produces awesome inside info on the Redskins several times a day. If you don’t have his site under your favorites and don’t check it on a daily basis, well…your cheating yourself. Thanks Matt for your support, keep up the great work.

Hot Clicks is the Holy Grail for sports bloggers…it’s located in the Extra Mustard section of SI’s website and is run by Jimmy Traina. There is no better feeling as a blogger than to click on Hot Clicks around 11am (approx time it’s updated M-F) and see your site linked to it, because you know your going to get major traffic that day. In fact, this site probably had closer to 250K hits in the past year, but Jimmy’s loyal Yankee followers crashed my site for 8 days…and I’m ok with that. Hot Clicks is an awesome blend of sports and pop culture and is a must read on a daily basis. Thank you Jimmy for including Fatpickled…it’s your world, I’m just passing thru it.

I’d also like to thank the Fat White Guy; we are partners in crime who tag team posts from time to time. He’s a gifted writer who covers sports and pop culture at his site. Thanks Rob, I look forward to working with you moving forward.

I have some awesome writers who contribute to this blog, although none of them will be accused of working too much, haha. Porkboy, Lazy JC, E4three and RevJT…thanks for your humor and talent.

I need to thank Oliver Morris, who is responsible for setting up my site, my header, photo shopping and t-shirt designs…thanks Ollie.

Thanks to all the current and former athletes who granted me interviews. I know you didn’t have to grant an interview to a small blog run by a guy named Fatpickle…I thank you for doing so.

Most importantly, I have to thank Mrs. Pickle. I’m blessed to have a super hot and cool wife. I work long hours in my real job, then come home with an idea that I must blog about. She puts up with my hobby and supports me…even if she doesn’t read my blog. Thanks for being the most awesome wife and mommy, you are the MVP of my life.

Finally, thanks to all of you reading this right now. I hope you have found some entertainment and humor here in the past year. I appreciate your comments and tell your friends to visit…year 2 is going to be so much better.

Cheers and Hail

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Bday Charley Taylor And Terry Orr

Happy birthday Charley Taylor. Charley played 13 seasons for the Redskins from 1964-77 and is one of the greatest Redskins to ever wear the uniform. At the time he ended his hall of fame career, he was the NFL’s all time leading receiver. He was an 8 time pro bowler who scored 90 career TD’s, which still ranks 28th all time. He is a member of the Redskins Ring of Honor, the 70 Greatest Redskins roster and the NFL 1960’s All Decade Team. He coached the WR’s for the Redskins from 1981-94’, when Norv Turner let him go. I met Charley several times and my dad sold him a truck, but this is the best Charley story I have. My cousin was at the Reno (a bar on the water where you can play Keno and off track betting) in Colonial Beach, VA. Charley pulled up on his boat and came to the bar to drink; he was wearing a Redskins hat. My cousin talked with some and mentioned to Charley how he wished he was still coaching and was angry Norv let him go. To this Charley responded…I wear this hat for me, not for those assholes. He then got one for the road…I heart Charley Taylor. Charley lives in Reston with his wife of 44 years. Happy 68th Mr. Taylor.

Happy birthday Terry Orr. Terry played the HB/TE role for 7 seasons for the Redskins from 1986-1993. He always seemed to come up with a big TD in those old NFC East battles. In fact 10 of his 52 career receptions went for touchdowns. Terry appeared in 105 games and won 2 Super Bowl titles during his tenure. Unfortunately in retirement Terry ran into trouble with the law and did some time in jail a few years back. He was
convicted of defrauding a group of investors out of $200,000. The group of investors included 3 former teammates…Art Monk was one of them. So I also have an awesome Terry Orr story. I’m at a bar watching the 99 Redskins/Bucs playoff game when Terry Orr arrives with 3 other large black men. Terry sat at a booth and I immediately recognized him, so after a few beers I sauntered over. The conversation went like this. (Obviously, it’s been 10 years, so the quotes are not word for word nut close)

Fatpickle “hey Terry, how you been.”

Terry “good, thanks.”

Fatpickle “I was a big fan, you made some big plays, didn’t you go to Texas A&M”

At this point one of the other guys at the table decides to give me a little shit, see Terry went to Texas.

Random 3rd guy “Texas A&M, shoot you don’t know about my boy, he went to Texas, you don’t know my boy, like I do.”

Fatpickle “I know quite a bit, I was close with the Texas A&M.”

Random 3rd guy “you don’t know my boy, you don’t know where he lives or how many kids he has.”

At this point I say something that could turn this thing from friendly banter to a table of 4 large angry black men getting ready to inflict pain on the little 25 yr old white kid. But, I had a few beers in me…so I let the following rip.

Fatpickle “I bet Terry doesn’t know how many kids he has.”

An awkward second or two of silence (spent by me plotting my exit strategy) turned into raucous laughter and the random 3rd guy telling me that I got him there. We laughed a little more and enjoyed a little further banter until the game ended on the bad snap FG attempt to end the game. Good times. Happy 48th Mr. Orr.

Cheers and Hail

Coping With A Redskins Loss

This post originaly appeared at The Cooley Zone

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the Redskins lost to the Giants…I know it sucks, I feel your pain. But, it was the 1st game of the season, it was the Giants and it was in New York. Sure it would be nice to get a win there, but 1 game does not make a season. As a fan that can remember games back to the 81’ season, I’ve suffered thru 213 losses…that’s a lifetime of heartbreak. However, the key is learning how to deal with the loss and recognizing certain symptoms that come from the losing. You may be suffering from some of the conditions that I’m going to discuss in this post…the first step is admitting you have the problem. Ladies and gentleman, the stages of a Redskin’s loss.

DAY 1 (Game day)

Disbelief – During this stage you take a few moments to review your thoughts. You say things like “we didn’t just lose, did we?” “WTF happened on that WR option play with Randle El?” “Are we really the only team in the division without a win?”

Anger – Oh yeah, your pissed now. You text, email or call everyone in your cell phone that will listen to you, even the ones who won’t listen to you! You say things you really don’t mean, things like “Portis is over the hill, put in Mason” or “F Campbell, sign Garcia or Jeff George” and “We’ll never win under Zorn, I want Shanahan.”
Your wife/girlfriend asks you “what do you care it’s only a football game” you reply something really stupid like “I’ve loved them longer than I’ve loved you.” This will haunt you a lot longer than the loss to the Giants!

Numbness – After you’ve gone thru your Rolodex and contacted everyone you can, you sit in your Lazy-boy and drink and eat everything in the house. You barely speak, in fact you're only forms of communications at this point are mumbling and grunting (maybe an occasional fart, your wife/girlfriend is really happy with you at this point.) The day ends with you passing out in your lucky jersey (which is no longer lucky) and your wife’s diary looks like this.

Day 2 (The day after)

Game Hangover – You wake up, groggy and trying to collect your bearings…and hoping the day before never happened. You get on the Internet and confirm that yes, the Skins lost! At this point it’s time to take your thoughts to the mainstream media, I mean all your friends have already heard your BS…let’s post it on the internet message boards and call sports talk radio shows! At the Cooley Zone you say something like “Chris, here’s my email address, tell Zorn to call me…his play calling sucks!” or you call Lavar and Dukes to say “the Skins will go 6-10, it’s time to start planning for 2010.”

Day 3

Rest – On day 3, you rest. You re-watch the game…but you’re not angry. You cuddle with your wife, you watch some Housewives show on A&E.

Day 4

Coming out of the fog - The Dallas fan at work greets you in the morning with a jab about the Skins, without thinking you tell him to go F himself. You start rambling on about how we were a couple plays away from beating the Giants in New York and how we’re gonna sweep the Cowgirls. You sit at your desk and you feel…peace.

Drinking the Kool-Aid – You look at the remaining schedule and all of the sudden…the Skins are going to go 15-1. You start texting, calling and emailing your friends and say things like “I think Portis is going to to rush for 150 this week” and “JC’s going to have a Pro Bowl year, just wait and see!” It’s time to go mainstream again so you head back to the Cooley’s message board “Zorn’s going to be the Coach of the Year” you call L&D “the Skins will win the Super Bowl this year with a last second option pass…Randle El to Cooley.”

Day 5

On day 5 you go back to your normal self, and I guess what I’m trying to say to everyone is…just pretend like it’s day 5. Don’t get too high when we rip off 4-5 wins in a row and don’t bash the team after this loss. The Skins played hard and it was a tough situation that they went into. I’m a diehard and I’m sure you are too, let’s support the team and move forward. I mean…I looked at the schedule, I don’t think we’re going to have to deal with another loss this season.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 3: Pickin On The NFL

I’m not going to tell everyone out there reading this to call your bookie up and use my picks…but I will tell you that I am hot! Last week I was 11-5 straight up (ok) but an amazing 10-6 ATS (cha-ching.) Here are may overall stats thru week2.

Straight Up 24-8 75%
ATS 18-13-1 56%
Survivor lock of the week 2-0 (BAL, MIN)
Underdog of the week 2-0

Here are my week 3 picks:

CLE @ BAL-13 Ravens (really good) + Cleveland (sucks) = BAL 27 CLE 10

NYG-6.5 @ TB Bet against the Bucs until further notice. NYG 28 TB 17

KC @ PHI –8.5 The Eagles win, the wild card is who is the QB…for either team? PHI 23 KC 13

SF @ MIN –6.5 I could almost pick the 49er’s for an outright upset here…but I’m not. Min 17 SF 16

WAS-6 @ DET Since my prediction failed last week, I’ll use it again this week, the Skins finally win a game by double digits. WAS 24 DET 13

CHI-1.5 @ SEA So why is everyone picking up Johnny Knoxville in fantasy this week? Jackasses. CHI 21 SEA 17

DEN-1.5 @ OAK Russell has a 120.3 QB rating against the Broncos in 3 career games…I don’t care. DEN 19 OAK 16

TEN @ NYJ-2.5 I can’t see the Titans losing 3 in a row, can’t see a rookie QB winning 3 in a row. TEN 24 NYJ 20

GB-6.5 @ STL The Pack gets back on track here, your survivor lock of the week. GB 28 STL 13

ATL @ NE-4 Toughest game on the board, I’ll take NE but I can see them getting upset. NE 24 ATL 21

JAC @ HOU-3.5 The Jags have been horrible against the pass, look for Johnson and Schaub to go off. HOU 30 JAC 17

NO-6 @ BUF Forecast calls for rain and the Saints running game will suffer with Bell out. BUF 28 NO 24

PIT-4 @ CIN Last minute TD by Big Ben upends the Bungles again. PIT 23 CIN 17

MIA @ SD-6 The 4th down play call by Norv last week is all you need to know. MIA 21 SD 20

IND @ ARI-2.5 The last of my 3 upsets, I’ll call this one the upset of the week. IND 31 ARI 20

CAR @ DAL-8.5 This week’s episode of Jerry Jone’s crib is brought to you by ESPN. DAL 26 CAR 20

Cheers and Hail

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beat This Caption

While reading the @redskinsblog last Friday I was surprised to find the above picture of Chris Cooley. I mean how awesome is it that he’s wearing a Fatpickled shirt…and as an added bonus he’s holding a monkey? You can’t even begin to dream this up. This has so many marketing ideas, I don’t even know where to begin. So, I’m going to open it up to you guys. Give me your best caption in the comments, and the winner will receive a free Fatpickled tee. I have them available in both mens and ladies so everyone is welcome to give it a try. “Do you want to touch my monkey,” is an obvious choice so that one is excluded and you can’t use my choice:

“This monkey is probably going to shit on me, hand me that Fatpickled shirt that’s laying in the bottom of my locker.”

I’ll contact the winner within 7 days to arrange delivery of your shirt.

Cheers and Hail

Monday, September 21, 2009

2 Boo Or Not 2 Boo...That Is The ?

Things got a little ugly in the Redskins game Sunday…and I’m not referring to the play on the field. The Redskins were booed off the field at halftime, and to my amazement booed off the field at the end of the game. The internet message boards, blogs and Twitter pages are on fire with everyone’s two cents on the issue…it’s like that old saying “opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one…and they all stink.” So here’s my stinky ass opinion.

First off, do you have the right as a fan to boo the Redskins at FedEx? Your damn straight you do. It’s your right as an American. And I don’t care if you’re in the 500 level and you work at McDonalds, or you have club seats and you make 6 figures. You paid for your ticket, if you want to boo the team go right ahead and do it.

Do I think it’s right to boo the Redskins at FedEx…hell no! I think you’re a complete ass to do so. If you’re a fan then you should be there to support your team, not to drag them down. I think it’s a disgrace that our fans did that to the Skins…they won the freakin game (I know it was an ugly and painful win.) Does anyone remember that the Ravens won a Super Bowl not too long ago winning ugly every week? A win is a win. The Redskins already have an opponent on the field, they don’t need another in the stands.

It’s my personal opinion that the Redskin’s fan support has been in a steady decline for years now. Who’s to blame? I’m not sure, but I don’t want to hear it’s the owner or ticket brokers, that’s a crock of shit. We have empty seats at FedEx and fans are routinely late to their seats at the start of the games and after halftime. We let fans from New York, Philly and Pittsburgh take over our house! We are now (allegedly) throwing and spitting on our players…are you f’ing kidding me? If you are that disgruntled and have season tickets sell them to a true fan.

I know frustration plays a part in this and I’m as frustrated as anybody. The play calling is suspect and we haven’t beaten anyone handily since I can remember. But, the players are playing hard and I see good things happening on the field…like the Skins winning! I would ask you this question, would you want someone coming into your office tomorrow and constantly telling you how much you suck at your job? Do you want Haynesworth hovering over your desk and giving you a ration of shit because you were late delivering a report? No…we have bosses to do that, and so do the players, they have coaches. And the coaches have someone that tells them they aren’t doing their job; it’s the GM and the owner.

So if your sitting in FedEx field in 2 weeks when the Redskins are playing the Bucs and you feel compelled to boo, just look down at the shirt your wearing. It’s probably burgundy and gold and has a number 47, 28, 81, 21 or 92 on it. You bought it because you’re a fan! I close each and every blog I write with the words “Cheers and Hail.” Redskins fans…spread the word.

Cheers and Hail

Friday, September 18, 2009

9/17-18 Happy Bday Mark Brunell & Jeff Bostic

Happy birthday Mark Brunell. Mark played 4 season with the Redskins from 2004-2007. During that time he appeared in 35 games starting 33, he was 15W-18L as the starting QB. His career in Washington was definitely up and down. The Skins traded a 3rd round pick to Jacksonville for him and then signed Mark to a $43 million dollar deal. Brought in by Gibbs (who had a diabetic episode while courting him) to be the man, he was benched for Patrick Ramsey just 9 games into his first season. But, Mark came back to have a great year in 2005. Starting with the comeback win against the Cowboys (the two long bombs to Santana,) Mark played at a Pro Bowl level (3,050 yards & 23TD’s) and led the Skins to the playoffs. He looked shaky in those playoffs however, and after another 3-6 start in 2006 he was sent back to the bench for good. Mark’s been Drew Brees backup in New Orleans the past two seasons…so he’s seen about as much game action as I have. Happy 39th Mr. Brunell.

Happy birthday Jeff Bostic. Jeff played 14 seasons for the Redskins from 1980-1993 and is a 3 time Super Bowl Champion. Undrafted out of Clemson, he’s an original member of the Hogs and one of the 70 Greatest Redskins. Overall he played in 202 games (including playoffs) with the Redskins. He made the Pro Bowl in 83’ and a case can be made that he deserves to be in the Hall…along with fellow Hogs Grimm and Jacoby. I must say this about Joe, each time I met him or asked him for an autograph when I was a kid he was a complete D-Bag! All-time biggest jerk of any of the former Redskin that I met growing up. In retirement Jeff has done some media work and started a construction business that filed for bankruptcy in 2005, citing $100 million in debts. D.C. Sports Bog caught up with Jeff earlier this year, check it out, it’s a great read. Happy 51st Mr. Bostic.

Cheers and Hail

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Housewives Show Is Coming!

Chris and Christy Cooley are set to star in a new E! show premiering Nov 18th. True Hollywood Story: Football Wives will peak into Christy’s everyday life as the wife of the Redskin’s most popular player. It only makes sense as the Cooley’s have already tackled the Internet (The Cooley Zone & everywhere else,) Radio (EITM & SportsHub) and Movies (Ghost Don’t Exists.)

E! chose Christy because she’s sweet and down to earth (probably doesn’t hurt that she’s also H-O-T.) There were some curious choices for other player’s wives: Adam Archuleta (no longer in the league) and Jeff Garcia’s beard…I mean wife may be on. So look out for the show in November. In the meantime my blogging buddy (The Fat White Guy) continues to find Chris Cooley fan’s around the world. Who wears a Chris Cooley jersey to a Bills/Patriots game in New England…apparently this guy does.

Cheers and Hail

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9/15-16 Happy Bday Earnest Byner & Mickey Tettleton

Happy birthday Earnest Byner. Earnest played 5 seasons for the Redskins from 1989-1993 and served as running backs coach from 2004-2007. Earnest came to the Redskins in one of the most lopsided trades in NFL history…straight up for Mike Oliphant, a going away present from the retiring Bobby Beathard. Earnest never missed a game in his 5 seasons in DC and accumulated 5,527 yards and 29 TD’s during his tenure. He had back to back 1,000+ yards rushing in 90-91 and rushed for 998 yards in 92’ (he had 1,000 then lost 2 yards on his final carry.) Earnest is well known for “the fumble” from his playing days in Cleveland but should be known for so much more. He's one of the 70 greatest Redskins, played 14 seasons in the NFL and totaled 12,866 yards and 71 TD’s. Earnest now coaches the running backs for the Titans. Happy 47th Mr. Byner!

Happy birthday Mickey Tettleton. Mickey played 3 seasons in Baltimore from 1988-1990. Mickey had O’s fans in a frenzy during his 1989 All-Star season, causing sales of Froot Loops cereal to soar in the beltway area. Mickey attributed Froot Loops as the source of power for his 26 home runs. That was the year of the “Why Not” Orioles, who were eliminated on the final weekend of the season, 1 year after losing 107 games. Mickey retired after the 97’ season (his 14th) and finished his career with 245 HR’s and 732 RBI’s. The Toy Dept recently caught up with Mickey and to see what he’s up to now check it out. Happy 49th Mr. Tettleton!

Cheers and Hail

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Rick Dempsey & Kurt Gouveia

Happy birthday Rick Dempsey. Rick played 24 seasons in the bigs, including 12 seasons with the Orioles. He was well known as a notorious jokester who entertained crowds with his “rain delay improv.” Dempsey would hit an imaginary inside the park homerun and run the bases on the rain –soaked tarp…the highlight of which was his headfirst slide across home plate. It was even funnier when he had the “tighty whitey” jockey underwear on the outside of his jersey, making fun of Jim Palmer’s old underwear ads. To further show Rick's comedy chops...he recenlty had a movie script that he wrote purchased by Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions! Rick was a great defensive catcher and handler of pitchers. He ranks 15th all-time on the Orioles list of games played with 1,245. Rick’s career spanned 4 decades and he had the distinction of being the youngest player in 1969 (19 yrs old) and the oldest in 1992 (42 yrs old.) Rick came to the Orioles in a 10 player trade with the Yankees in 1976, a trade that also brought Tippy Martinez and Scott McGregor to Baltimore. Rick’s Oriole career was highlighted by being chosen as the 83’ World Series MVP. The Orioles made a mistake in 2003 when Rick was passed over and Lee Mazzilli was chosen as the new skipper. Rick has worked for the O’s in several capacities (1st/3rd base coach, bullpen coach) and now works as an analyst for MASN. Happy 60th Mr. Dempsey.

Happy birthday Kurt Gouveia. Kurt played 10 seasons for the Redskins and earned 2 Super Bowl rings during his tenure. He also was a member of the 84’ BYU National Champions and was elected to the Hawaii Sports HOF. As a Redskin Kurt appeared in 130games and collected 573 tackles. His best season came in 92’ when he made 169 tackles, 3 interceptions and a sack. Kurt had an interception in all 3 games of the playoffs during the Skins 91’ Super Bowl run. Charley Casserly was quoted as saying that Kurt was the “greatest college linebacker I ever scouted.” I used to play softball with Kurt in Sterling Park, VA. Kurt’s son now plays football at Virginia Tech (so do Russ Grimm’s and Don Warren’s.) Happy 45th Mr. Gouveia.

Cheers and Hail

Friday, September 11, 2009

Week 1: Pickin On The NFL

Week 1 of the NFL season is here...thank you baby Jesus. I don't officially gamble anymore, except on fantasy football leagues and office pools. My office pool is worth $250 bucks this week...I hope this is the golden ticket. For the record, I filled this out Tuesday, so my PIT pick was not from cheating.

TEN @ PIT -6 I was kind of thinking about a possible upset here, and then I realized Kerry Collins is still the QB of the Titans. PIT 20 TEN 17

MIA @ ATL –4 I like this Atlanta team and I don’t like Parcells…ATL 27 MIA 20

PHI @ CAR +2 The Panthers will be pissed being a home dog in their opening game, I hope they take it out on Mcnabb’s ass. CAR 23 PHI 21

DAL @ TB +6 This Bucs team is in rebuilding mode and they are in for a llooonnnggg season. DAL 31 TB 10

NYJ @ HOU-5.5 The Jets may surprise some folks this year, but I can’t pick a team starting a rookie QB in his first game. HOU 24 NYJ 20

DEN @ CIN-4 I think Denver/Orton/Marshall will end up being fine…just not this week. CIN 21 DEN 16

WAS @ NYG-6.5 Vinny made his best move ever picking up Andre Woodson to spill the beans on the G-Men, just not sure it’s enough. NYG 23 WAS 20

CHI @ GB-3.5 This will be a great Sunday night game that could go either way but I’m so enamored with Aaron Rogers I will probably pick GB to win every week. GB 27 CHI 19

KC @ BAL-13 This game or the Dallas game is the pick you should use if you’re in one of those survivor office pools. BAL 24 KC 12

JAC @ IND-7 Jack Del Rio…this is your last rodeo. But when you hitched your wagon to David Garrard…it was your destiny. IND 28 JAC 14

DET @ NO-13 Another survivor option and anyone who owns Drew Brees has a fantasy hard on for this game. NO 38 DET 13

MIN @ CLE+4 Who’s going to QB this game for the Browns? Quinn, Anderson, Mangini? MIN 23 CLE 13

SF @ ARI-6.5 My upset special of the week, former Terp Shaun Hill leads the 49er’s to V-I-C-T-O-R-Y. SF 27 ARI 21

STL @ SEA-8.5 I couldn’t care less about this game or this division. SEA 20 STL 13

BUF @ NE -10.5 Turk Shonert says Jauron was on his back to “simplify” the offense. Simplify = Suctify. NE 30 BUF 10

SD @ OAK+9.5 I think Al Davis might just crumble into a heap of dust in the owner’s box this season. SD 28 OAK 14

Cheers and Hail

HTTR: Redskins Pictures

A couple weeks ago I ran a picture that a disturbed Cowboy's fan emailed me. Luckily, some awesome Redskin's fans (thanks to all) stepped up to the plate and sent me some Skin's pix to cleanse my soul. Here's a few of the ones that I received. I'm always looking for cool Skins pictures so please email me (link on the right) or send them to me via Twitter ( @fatpickled, follow me while you're there.) Thanks to those who sent me the pix...I'm so looking forward to spanking the Giants this weekend!

Cheers and Hail

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9/9 Happy Bday Joe Theismann & Ron Mcdole

Happy birthday Joe Theismann. Joe played all 12 of his NFL seasons with the Redskins from 1974-1985. The best way I can describe the way Joe played QB is that he was a cross between Doug Flutie and Brett Favre. He could hurt you with arm and his legs (but not his foot, i.e. 1 yrd punt.) He was a fiery leader who played all-out and with as much heart as anyone who ever played the game. He was TOUGH, he was old school...the last of the single bar facemask QB's! We’re all well aware of the horrific injury that cut short his career and forced him to walk away early from the game that he loved (please watch the Sports Machine YouTube at the bottom of the post about his drive to get back on the field after the injury.)

After a record breaking All-American career at Notre Dame (he was elected to the College HOF in 2003) Joe opted to play in the CFL rather than play for the Miami Dolphins or Minnesota Twins (he was drafted in baseball as well!) He joined the Redskins in 74’ because his thinking was the Skins had ageing QB’s (both Kilmer and Jurgensen were 10+ years older) and he'd have the opportunity to become a full time starter soon. That opportunity did not come until 1978, in the meantime Joe volunteered to return punts…how’s that for a team player?

Once Joe became the starter he held onto it for the rest of his career…8 years and 113 consecutive games. He became a 2 time Pro Bowler, NFC Offensive POY and the 1983 NFL MVP. Despite being retired for nearly 25 years, Joe still holds many
all-time passing records for the Redskins including yards, completions and wins. We all know where Joe has been in retirement, talking a lot on your local and national football broadcasts…how can he not be on Twitter? He’s my favorite QB (I wish I could fill RFK for a serenade of Happy Bday for him ...make up for the Dallas game) and it’s a landmark birthday, Happy 60th Mr. Theismann!

Happy birthday Ron Mcdole. Ron played 8 seasons for the Redskins from 1971-78. “The Dancing Bear” holds the NFL record for interceptions by a defensive lineman with 12! George Allen traded 2 draft picks to the Bills to bring Ron to DC and become both a defensive anchor and member of the “Over the Hill Gang.” Ron was selected to be one of the 70 Greatest Redskins. For his career he appeared in 240 games over 18 seasons! Ron is retired and lives in Front Royal, this is a great article about him. Happy 70th Mr. Mcdole!

2 things about the Theismann video.
1. It's a little slow to download but completely worth it.
2. Is it me, or does the young Joe T. remind you of a young Joe Pesci, circa Easy Money? His NJ accent was more prevelant back in the day.

Cheers and Hail

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fatpickle's Fearless Redskins Predictions

I am a very superstitious person…it goes back to my baseball and gambling days. One thing that I am very superstitious about is making predictions, and especially writing those predictions down into a blog post. Well…I’m fixin to break my own rules and give you my fearless predictions for the Redskins 2009 season. Some of these are a bit outlandish, but like I said…I’m a gambler.

1) The Redskins will go 10-6 and make the playoffs. This will require a NFC East road win and a west coast road win to do so.

2) Brian Orakpo will be the NFL Defensive ROY.

3) Andre Woodson will be released from the practice squad by the end of week 4.

4) Jeff Garcia will be signed to the active roster.

5) After a couple of big TD’s early in the season, Malcolm Kelly will get injured and miss the last 8-10 games.

6) Devin Thomas will have little impact in the passing game (maybe some on special teams.)

7) Marko Mitchell will catch 30+ balls.

8) London Fletcher will make his first Pro Bowl.

9) Carlos Rogers will match or exceed his career total of 5 INT’s this season. He will leave after the season via free agency.

10) Fred Davis will have 1 game this season where he goes off…he’ll then disappear and probably catch fewer passes than Yoder.

11) Marcus Mason will see more and more playing time as the year goes on… and he’ll finish with over 250 yards rushing.

12) Clinton Portis will rush for 1000-1200 yards in his last season for the Redskins.

13) Also the last season with the Redskins for Smoot, Wynn, Griffin, Collins, Betts, Albright, Thomas and Randle El.

14) Zorn will survive this season and be back for 2010.

15) I will drink many beers, jump up and down, yell and scream, throw things and possibly shed tears this season (happy ones.)

Cheers and Hail

Sunday, September 6, 2009

9/5 Happy Birthday Billy Kilmer & Tom Carter

Happy birthday Billy Kilmer. Billy played 8 seasons for the Redskins from 1971-78’ and he’s one of the 70 Greatest Redskins. He was a fixture of the “Over-The-Hill-Gang” in the 70’s and is well known for his QB controversies with Sonny Jurgensen. You either had an “I Love Billy” or “I Love Sonny” bumper sticker on your car (can you imagine how insane the media coverage would have been today?) He didn’t have a big arm and many of his passes were referred to as “wounded ducks,” but all Billy did was win. Billy played in 82 games with the Redskins and had an amazing 50W-23L-1T record as the starting QB. Billy still ranks among the Skins top five all time in nearly every passing category. He may have been slightly overweight and not fleet of foot in his Redskin’s days, but Billy actually spent his first few years in the league as a running back. He was involved in a bad car accident early in his career that threatened his playing career and was so bad that amputation was a possibility. After the accident he switched to QB. He was also an All-American basketball player in high school. Billy retired after the 1978 season, his 16th, and 170 games. Billy retired to Coral Gables, Florida and a lifetime of sun and golf. He remains one of the all-time favorite Redskins. Happy 70th Mr. Kilmer.

Happy birthday Tom Carter. Tom appeared in 62 games for the Redskins over 4 years from 1993-1996. He was a 1st round draft pick out of Notre Dame and be became a starter in his rookie season. He picked off 6 passes in his rookie year, despite only playing 14 games (11 starts.) Overall, Tom intercepted 18 passes and had 230 tackles in his very solid Redskins career. Tom left the Skins for Chicago before the 97’ season and finished his career in Cincinnati after his 10th season. Happy 37th Mr. Carter.

Cheers and Hail

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The O's: Sleepwalking Thru September

I feel the same way guys!

It’s September, the time of the year when the Orioles take another sub par season and put an exclamation point on it! For the 11th time in the last 12 years the Orioles will finish in 4th or worst place in the A.L. East (including back to back last place campaigns.)

Since 2000, excluding the 2004 season (the season the O’s finished 3rd) the Orioles are 69-153 in September. That’s a .325 winning percentage. Historically, this team packs it in sometime in August and just gives up. They are 0-2 so far this year. The team lacks heart…it lacks fire. And quite frankly, after 12 years I’m growing tired of it. I’m tired of dropping $250 (or whatever it is now) for the Extra Innings package and having the O’s be 20 games out in July. DirecTV does not issue refunds, not even pro-rated ones.

Trembley needs to go. He’s a nice guy and I was a supporter early on, but he’s done nothing with this team. I want a link to the “Oriole way.” Give me Rick Dempsey, Rich Dauer or my #1 choice Bill Ripken.

I’m so frustrated and angry over the Orioles and the same old pitiful performance year in and year out. It’s not realistic for me to say I’m never going to root for them again…because after 30+ years they are a part of my makeup. But, I need to start getting some return on my investment…and it needs to come soon.

Help me baby Jesus…

Cheers and Hail

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Catching Up With Clarence Vaughn

Clarence Vaughn played 5 seasons with the Washington Redskins appearing in 48 games from 1987-1991. He is a 2-time Super Bowl Champion. Clarence played strong safety and was a “core player” as Joe Gibbs likes to say. During his rookie season of 87' he came up with a couple of HUGE plays in the playoffs and Super Bowl. Clarence is currently working towards his goal of becoming a NFL or college head coach by participating in the 2009NFLPA/NCAA coaching internship program at Bluffton University. Clarence also started the Redskins Alumni website, a site where fans and players can connect...a must visit for any Redskin's fan. Clarence took some time out from his coaching internship to discuss his playing career with the Redskins...I thank him for his time and hope to see him on a NFL sideline soon.

FP: Your rookie season in 87’ was quite eventful. You endured a player’s strike, and then won a Super Bowl championship. What were those experiences like for you as a rookie?

CV: They were confusing. But the Redskins unity and them looking out for me, helped me make it through and stand strong…no one crossed the picket line.

FP: You were one of the “core Redskins” that Gibbs liked to have on his team. How would you describe the way you played and what you brought to the table?

CV: Great athletic ability, belief and faith in the coaches, and in the players, my teammates, and the desire to be the best that I can be.

FP: What are your fondest memories of your playing time with the Skins?

CV: Pulling up to the stadium in San Diego for the Super Bowl, being a rookie that year and picking off Elway in that game was an ultimate high for me that I still cherish today.

FP: Which coach, player, or person had the biggest impact on your NFL career?

CV: There were a lot of players, like Vernon Dean showing me how to back pedal and learn DB techniques from the transition from linebacker. Darrell Green, Art Monk and Monte Coleman were all good examples of establishing work ethics. Todd Bowles and Alvin Walton...my whole secondary group...this is hard to narrow down, as together they made the biggest impact. Coaching wise, Richie Pettibone and Emmitt Thomas because they challenged me to meet my full potential and push me to the max.

FP: What was your favorite moment on a football field?

CV: Sacking Wade Wilson as a rookie in the NFC Championship game (video above at approx. 1:30.)

FP: Do you follow/root for the Skins today, if so who are your favorite players currently playing for the Skins?

CV: Yes. Chris Cooley, Clinton Portis, and Jason Campbell.

FP: What is your relationship like with the Redskin’s organization today?

CV: Good as can be, I have created a Redskins Alumni site called redskinsalumni.com which allows me to work closely with the organization.

FP: Tell my readers about the Redskins Alumni site you started (I’ve checked it out, it’s awesome!) What kind of future events can Redskins fans look forward to?

CV: Thank you. It's called Redskinsalumni.com...not only does it connect the former players and teammates with each other, as we have lost touch with each other over the years but still share a bond, it also connects the fans, and even offers business opportunities for the players. Events such as autograph signings, parties like the Welcome Home Luncheon and Player of the Year award dinner. Also, cruises and golf tournaments are all posted to invite fans and also inform players who may have lost touch.

Rick Walker and Clarence reconnect the BLING!
FP: You’ve done some coaching at the high school level. Is coaching something you knew you wanted to do after the NFL and is it something you’d like to continue? Which former Skins coach do you think your coaching style is most like?

CV: I am currently pursuing a career in coaching at the NCAA level; while it is not what I desired immediately once I retired, it is something I am truly passionate about and hope to make another career in football, maybe even coach at the NFL level and win one more Super Bowl (as a head coach of course!)
I would say that I would like to model and coach like a combination of all coaches that I have played under. I embraced their different styles, from college to pro. Each coach has had a unique and certainly positive influence. I would definitely say that Gibbs, and Bill Mallory are two that I admire along with Richie Pettibone as well. Also, Emmitt Thomas...he helped and inspired me a lot. This is another hard question to narrow down. However, all these particular coaches have either won championships and/or are in the hall of fame…which I too hope to achieve at the coaching level. (Super Bowl or NCAA championships.)

FP: On your blog found at your website, you have a list of you and your buddies all time greatest QB’s and RB’s. Do you get together with them and play fantasy football? When can we expect your list of WR’s?

CV: I do not play Fantasy Football. I'm working on the WR's, since you've mentioned it and hopefully you'll see the list soon!

FP: You played at a time when the money was certainly good, but by no means near today’s standards. There are many players from your era that suffer from permanent injuries suffered on the field, and I feel the NFL has not done enough to give back to the players who got the League to where it is today. Organizations like Gridiron Greats have had to step up to help. What’s your take on this issue?

CV: I feel the same way…something needs to done. There are a lot of athletes out there that need medical attention, and there are also athletes out there that team owners won't even let go to a game without purchasing a ticket. A lot of teams are forgetting their tradition, like what got the team’s image that they have now, is from the older players.

Cheers and Hail

Fatpickled FFL: Meet The Players

Tomorrow night at 8:30 is the draft time for the first annual Fatpickled Fantasy Football league brought to you by the Cooley Zone. We have 12 owners in the league from all around the world...so this is our little introductions to each other and the readers of the blog. I will do a post a week showing the standings, results,..etc. The winner gets a cool trophy and a signed Cooley jersey. Here's the fantasy team/fantasy owners...and as always, ladies first:

Romo's New Jessica/Rebecca Ramey

Don’t take this little 99lb hottie too lightly…she’s the ruler and queen of my household. Her most notable athletic accomplishment is the fact she’s able to do the splits…I don’t believe I’ve taken advantage of that enough over the years (I personally believe twirling baton with Mark Moseley’s daughter trumps the splits.) Her favorite hobby is shopping and she’s interested in having more $$ to do so. Her favorite sports moment was our very own commissioner Kenny Mayne’s Dance Center…favorite athlete is Barbaro. She loves Johnny Depp and Fatpickle’s Mexican cuisine. If Tony Romo actually tried to make a move on her I’d bitch slap both his hat and his crooked smile on straight. She won’t be reading this cuz she doesn’t follow my blog. Welcome Honey, cake or?

TheTightestEnd/Heather Frank

H-Town’s fantasy team will get plenty of support from their owner; she’s a former cheerleader who earned 6 letters in high school. She’s also a 3-time letter winner in softball. She wins the award for having the most famous relative as she had an aunt who was in Happy Days (very cool) and an uncle who was in the movie 10 (did he get to make out with Bo Derek?) Her hobbies include playing and watching sports, writing/blogging, sewing, singing and traveling. Her favorite foods are fish tacos and any Mexican food from the west coast. Favorite movie is Almost Famous and she’s too young to pick an all-time favorite athlete, which makes me feel…old. She comes up with incredible team names and has finished in the top 5 of her fantasy leagues every year she’s played, which is one time so far. She may be the shortest person in the league and may look like “the girl next door,” but watch out for this one. Welcome May Bay.

KingofVols/Jason King

The “King” was a 5-sport letterman in high school and earned a golf scholarship. His favorite sports moment was the 91’ Skins Super Bowl victory and his favorite players are Chris Cooley and Art Monk. The beautiful thing about the Internet is that no matter where you are in the world you can play fantasy football and google Megan Fox pictures. You see, the King is busy overseas defending our country as a member of the United States Air Force…but he’s going to use his free time kicking ass and taking names in the FFFL. Welcome King, and thank you for your service to our country.

Fanfuckingtastic/Mathew Berkholtz

Whatchooo gonna do when the “Juggernaut’s” fantasy team runs wild on you? He’s a former rugby player and linebacker who wanted to be an archeologist like Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones. His favorite sports moment was when a 65-year-old grandmother in a Ron Jaworski jersey verbally assaulted him at FedEx field, cementing his hate of all things “Filthadelphia.” His favorite athlete of all time is John Riggins. In his spare times he enjoys camping/kayaking, drinking beer, eating crabs and watching the Redskins break his heart…sounds a lot like me. He vacations in Wisconsin every year…WTF? He enjoys reading Fatpickled on the shitter at work; this is my exact target audience! Welcome Matty B.

Skins N' Beer/Eric Pearson

The “Arcola Assassin” is a 3-time basketball letter winner and former captain of the Mary Washington basketball team. He also won the International Shootout competition for the best shooter in the country as a 14 year old. He enjoys watching Matthew McConaughey act in movies without his shirt. He also enjoys Mr. Kenny Powers himself…Danny McBride. He is the younger, wiser and better-looking cousin of Fatpickle (I’ll give you younger…maybe even wiser, better looking?) He enjoys boxing, screenwriting, eating crabs and BBQ. Favorite athletes Ervin “Magic” Johnson and Barret Robbins…haha. Favorite sports moment was the Syracuse/Uconn 7 overtime game he watched from start to finish. He’s the uncle of future Skins D-tackle Christopher McCullers and the reining champion of his fantasy football and basketball leagues. Welcome self proclaimed, “fantasy genius,” Peer Pressure Pearson.

Muffin Head/Michael Morgan

Big Mike lives up to his nickname, as his height and weight are a Cal Ripkenesque 6’4” 225lbs. He lettered in baseball and football in H.S. before earning his degree at Texas A&M. He comes from a proud family of Swedes and Norwegians. His favorite athlete of all-time is Riggo and Super Bowl 17 is his favorite sports moment. Hobbies include golfing and poker…favorite foods are steak and seafood. He’s one of many guys in this league who enjoy Harrison Ford. He’s a 1st time fantasy football player; you got to watch out for those rookies! Welcome Ripple!

Nijas will ow!/Jason Anton

JT was a surfer in H.S. and is now working on enhancing his “Shaq size.” His favorite food is anything from McDonalds that is deep-fried…meaning he takes all McDonalds food and then deep fat fries it. He’s a computer programmer, musician and contributor to this blog. His favorite sports moment is Darrell Green catching Tony Dorsett. His grandfather was a prominent politician type in several different roles during the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations. His favorite movie is Fight Club and his favorite actor is Brando. He kicks ass in his office pick-em pools; lets see how he fares in the FFFL. Hopefully he’ll make it thru the season, he brings a whole new meaning to “super size me.” Welcome RevJT.

Stuart Pit-Bulls/ Vigrant Kulnarong

V is a former high school football player and is a Red Sox fan…I’m not gonna hold that against him since he’s also a Skins fan. His favorite sports moment was when the Sox erased a 0-3 deficit in the 2004 AL Championship series against the Yankees. He’s a classic movie buff whose favorite actors include Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant. V helps run his father’s family business that distributes foods and goods to many restaurants in the DC/Metro area…so you can thank him for all the great Thai food you get to enjoy. V himself enjoys any restaurant that serves good dessert. His favorite athletes of all time are Ivan Lendl and Wayne Gretzky. V is half Thai and half Filipino and all about winning the FFFL. Welcome V.

Orakpo's Bandwagon/Liam Moy

Liam has never had a nickname that stuck, so it’s our job to come up with one for him. He lettered in golf and once shot a 79 at the UofMD course. He and his wonderful wife Shari have a 22-month-old son and another baby on the way. Favorite movies include Ghostbusters, Godfather’s I/II and Fight Club. He has an aunt who worked for Premiere magazine writing entertainment stories. His uncle ran the Mass. pension fund that scored him really good Red Sox ticket, which should make V. jealous. His favorite athlete is Cal Ripken and his favorite sports moments were 2131 and the 2nd quarter of the Skins/Broncos Superbowl. He just started his MBA program (congrats,) so he has no hobbies. He has performed well in Fantasy baseball leagues…let’s see what he’s got for us in the FFFL. Welcome Liam.

New Kent Zornicators/Brian Davis

Brian was a 3-sport letterman in high school…baseball (2yrs), basketball (4yrs) and tennis (4yrs.) He also played tennis in college at Longwood University (do you listen to a lot of Pat McGee?) His favorite athlete of all-time is Cal Ripken. Brian had a cousin who played cornerback at Va Tech who set the school record with 3 Int’s vs. Florida St. He comes from a tight knit family of farmers (corn, wheat & soybeans.) He enjoys fishing, playing rec. sports with family, steak and attending Redskin games. Brian has extensive experience in all fantasy sports including football and nascar. Another one to watch out for here. Welcome Brian.

The Staches/David Stone

Stoner was an all-region selection in both soccer and volleyball in high school. His favorite actor is Johnny Depp and his favorite movies are Braveheart and Rudy. He had an ancestor who used to change the shitter for the King of England. His favorite all-time athlete is Mario Lemieux and he misses watching Sean Taylor crush people…I do too. His hobbies include playing and watching all sports as well as trying to smoke the worlds best brisket…ironically BBQ is his favorite food. A serious contender for the signed Cooley jersey, he won back 2 back fantasy football titles in 06-07’. Welcome Stoner.

15 Swinging Dicks/Doug Ramey

Fatpickle was a 4-time baseball letterman in high school and was an all-district and honorable mention All-Met his senior year. He played baseball at Shenandoah University where his career was derailed by alcohol. Favorite movie is the Shawshank Redemption and favorite actor is Ed Norton. Biggest athletic accomplishment was hitting a double off Cal Ripken, it only cost 8 grand. Favorite all time athlete of course is Ripken, favorite moments are 2131, Riggo’s run and the Terps basketball championship a few years ago.Famous relatives include Elvis, George Clooney and Jenna Jameson…you should see the family reunion! Fatpickle enjoys fishing, blogging, drinking beer, blue crabs, The Palm and PF Changs. Fatpickle has won Fantasy Football leagues before but list his finest fantasy accomplishment as being the MVP of the 2003 Jennifer Anniston Fantasy Camp. Welcome Fatpickle. Did I just talk about myself in the 3rd person?

Cheers and Hail